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I too am very interested in the reviews and hope to hear it in person if possible. At the end of the day I know my 'must haves' and this unit does not have them. If the sonic quality is cleaner and sounds better than an integrated AVR this decision would be much more difficult. I am not really an audiophile like most here in this forum but I do strive for the best sonic return on my dollar given my lifestyle. In a perfect world I would like to get the Anthem D2V (Classe...
Amen brother, and completely agree.
I had a tequila party here at our home last night and we had the music at about 0 db most of the night playing DVD-A disks and everyone kept asking about our beloved sub. It is always fun when people ask what the hell it that thing? Oh thats my sub? Damn!!!
Not a chance and the good news is when you find yourself in a larger room you will have the sound to easily fill it...
Someone sounds very happy with their new speakers! You will play with the different setting for some time until you find the one that seems to sound the best for your room. I am crossed over at 80 and it seems to sound the cleanest to my ears. I tried 60 but there was some content that did not sound as good so I went back to 80 and have not looked back.
It was the basic PCi and I also paid $599 new. I listed on craigslist. He wanted it so bad and already had the movies he wanted to play in his hand. I knew he would take it for $400. I bought mine about the same year as yours.
Your comments are spot on and mirror my view on this hobby.
I have the 100s in a space about the same and I have been very happy. Over power the room? No way. Get some good power running to those speakers and get some room correction software if you are using any. Where are you crossed over? What sub do you have? The 20s should be proving plenty of clean mids and highs for a room that size if they are set up properly.
I love my SVS-PB13 and it will hold its own musically and will blow your mind for movies. Its $2000 new and I am really thinking about adding another one.
I got $400 for mine. He tried to hand me $350 but I held my ground and he paid the $400. I was surprised it would hold its value so well. Good luck.
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