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What's the deal with WTWC-DT2 (40-2/40.2)?! ~Alan
I had one other Tallahassee/CW question I wanted to ask...Recently, Tribune added HD tags to multiple CW affiliates nearby:WSWG-DT3 (Valdosta, GA/Albany, GA)WLTZ-DT2 (Columbus, GA)WTLH-DT2 (Bainbridge/Tallahassee, FL)WSWG-DT3 is going HD next year and WLTZ started broadcasting HD on their sub-channel on the 16th of this month. WSWG-DT3 corrected the HD tags on their channels within two weeks, and WLTZ-DT2 is now correct, so my question is, what's the deal with WTLH-DT2?! ...
Columbus, GA (DMA #127): WTVM (ABC) has HD newscasts now. ~Alan
WALB (NBC) and WALB-DT2 (ABC) are now offering HD newscasts as of this past weekend.~Alan
Aah! I guess that answers my question then...Is it available in HD OTA as well?! WTLF, WFSU, and WFXU are the three Tallahassee, FL channels I cannot receive.I'm really hoping that DirecTV offers The CW in HD in my market once WSWG-DT3 (The CW) goes HD next year. Hopefully Tallahassee, FL DirecTV customers will receive WTLF in HD soon as well.~Alan
DirecTV has had WTLF in testing on the transponder with the HD-LILs since January of this year.Is WTLF in HD, or do they have plans to do so this year?!~Alan
Since I noticed that it's not even mentioned: Albany, GA (DMA #150): WSWG (CBS) has HD newscasts imported from their sister station (WCTV - Tallahassee, FL). WFXL (FOX) has 16x9 SD newscasts (just started). WALB (NBC) and WALB-DT2 (ABC) renovated their studio in preparation for HD newscasts earlier this year, and is now doing local commercials as well as station promos in HD, but has yet to offer HD newscasts. Perhaps they hit a snag... ~Alan
Is there ANY hope of getting WCWJ in DD5.1 anytime soon?! ~Alan
Mediacom customers will be getting WGN America HD soon... Quite a few other channel (packaging) moves as well... ~Alan
Has anybody ever used this Wall Mount with the KDL-46W4100?! Wall Mount - Monoprice I don't want to bite the bullet until I know whether or not it will work with it... ~Alan
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