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Right. I think he was just looking for a starting place, and that's a good one.
Yes, it's your lamp. However, I would never let it get that bad - if for no other reason than it puts undue burden on your ballast trying to keep it lit.
This is going to sound strange, but I've heard some folks reporting the monitor on their laptop disrupting the communication and had good results after moving the remote as far away from the laptop as the USB cable will allow. I don't understand how that plays a roll on a USB connected device, it's just what I heard (in this thread somewhere). I can see how it could play a roll with teaching the Harmony from another IR remote, but not just updating. It can't hurt to...
Do a search here, and check the thread on the Touch as well. It seems a few Harmony One users don't like the Touch due to the illogical placement of the touchscreen in the middle of the remote. Using hard buttons at the top of the remote results in accidentally interacting with the touchscreen. It's pretty, but poor functional design. That's an opinion, mind you. I recommend you go somewhere where you can put your hands on one and try it out. This is why many of us...
If they're not fitting perfectly, you have the wrong icons. On the iconharmony home page, there are three columns. The center column says, "Touch, One, 900, 1100, 1000, 700/650, 8XX, TouchSquid" You need to ensure you're starting by selecting "One". That set of icons will perfectly fit on your One.
You've not downloaded the icons, but rather thumbnails. Delete those. Go back to iconharmony site. Search for and select each icon you want. The site essentially adds each one you select to a queue. When you're done making your selections, click zip (or whatever the button says on iconharmony site). It will then create a zip file that you can download. The zip file will contain only the icons you selected. Once the file is downloaded to your PC, right-click the zip file...
I believe this to be true all the way back to Windows XP.
FYI, I just received a refurb from Meritline (that I ordered for a friend). The CD did not come with it. Not a big deal, because, as you said, it can be downloaded.
I agree with old corps. This is just a faulty lamp as you know. In retrospect, you would have fared better had you simply said the new lamp failed. Period. I believe they have more information than they needed from you and have thus come to a conclusion in their favor. You should still stick to your guns, however, and escalate this. Sorry you're having to go through this.
Yep, that's a later model, so it's not Meritline's fault. It's been discussed previously. The icons also have visible horizontal lines much like a bad interlaced image. The effect seems to go away after a second or two (or it could be that your eyes/brain resolves it). As you said, though, it's probably only noticeable if compared side-by-side.
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