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Thanks, brianley. I will look into Harmony 720 remote. Looks like that's what I need to do what I am planning to do.
Thanks SkiSmuggs. As soon as I read your response, I had my duh moment of the day
Can one of the experienced members please help me with this question? Thanks.
I have a PS3 Slim hooked to Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver. I am using HDMI connection and also optical digital audio to connect PS3. Is there a way to: 1) Use TV audio only when playing PS3 games + and + 2) Use the receiver and the speakers when using PS3 to play Blue Ray DVDs? If I change the Hardware settings for SR607 to turn HDMI TV audio ON, no sound comes through the receiver when it is turned on. Clicking the "Movie" listening mode shows "Not...
Thanks, WestCoastD.
Any suggestions on this please?
Hi Folks, I have the original Take 2 series setup with SR8.2 subwoofer. I bought it during my apartment days and it has served me well. However, after moving to a house, the system is serving a 21 x 19 room with vaulted ceiling. What I have noticed is that while fronts and rears are still superb, the center channel is really lacking here. If I turn the volume up too much to hear the dialog, then whole system goes loud. Right now, I don't have budget to go for more...
Thanks. I will definitely look into AVR 2807. Any Onkyo owners here? I am reading all good stuff about Onkyo receivers.
Thanks guys. I will start hunting for a new receiver.
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