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http://www.emedialive.com/Articles/R...rticleID=14010 Good quote from article: Of course, postwar format consolidation has also had its upside. “It's definitely added focus to the industry where we didn't have focus before. Everybody's on the same page, everybody's working toward the same goals,” says Jess Bowers, director of technical services for 1K Studios, of Burbank, CA. “But it seems like there's a little less fire in the industry,” he adds.Of course, there are...
Exactly! I bought a 60GB unit in December 2006. Trying out some the current SA at the local shops still makes me question why any would buy a SA over the PS3. Just my opinion.
The thing is that a PS3 will also probably have good resale value. I doubt that if you bought one and used it for a year or two that you would lose more than $150 - $200 reselling it. Not bad for a year or two of use.Personally the PS3 is such a great value I don't know why anyone would spend $300+ on a SA when the PS3 is only $100 more ($125 with the remote). Again the PS3 will hold its resale value much more than a SA.
AND you are the one that pointed out flaws. Have you actually used them or are you just repeating what someone else said. Why is bitstreaming important? Both lossless formats can be sent as uncompressed PCM over HDMI. The likelihood you would hear a difference between player and receiver decoding is most likely nill. All you are really doing is lighting up a light on your receiver if it internall decodes it.And the IR2BT is not a dongle I have to hook up to the PS3. It is...
Sounds like you are upset over buggy players which I think are legitimate complaints. But if you really want to get into BD now, get a PS3 and let the other makers work out their bugs another generation or two before buying a SA. I don't plan on using my PS3 forever, but it has far exceeded what I have expected out of it.BTW, I am not a Sony fan. I have had bad Sony equipment before, but the fact is that every name brand manufacturer has at some point had a lemon product....
Exactly for all the doom and gloom we hear here, many of us will be enjoying the exciting BD releases this fall that include: Godfather, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man, TDK, etc. Whereas HD DVD owners have 'near' HD upconverted DVDs.
You keep changing the argument. First it was the PS3 not working with an IR remote.... then no profile 2.0 and bitstreaming.... now it's specific player problems. The DVD industry had their share of buggy players at the beginning also. Complain to the manufacture or deal with the PS3 not having an official IR solution though there are some decent third party ones now available. I use a PS3 with the IR2BT and overall it works with my Harmony 880. PS3 is still the best...
Fact: BD Live Ready. All they require is an external memory card (SD) and internet connection.
I guess you would rather go back to $1k players 1.0 players.The fact is that both Samsungs and Sonys new entry level models will be FW upgradeable to profile 2.0. Both of which bitstream even in their current 1.1 state.As far as my sig... nothing is changing the facts that Toshiba is fighting innovation to keep their DVD royalty stream alive as long as possible.
The space capacity was a bonus for longer features. The bandwidth made it so fewer sacrifices have to be made.I have already heard that Iron Man has an average BR of 37Mbps!!! That sounds too high, but I am not complaining because if any thing is wrong it is in the source and not because the BD did not have the horsepower to deliver a quality presentation.
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