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Cool, thanks for the advice/sanity check!
Yeah, had read in general the 2.9s are supposed to sound pretty close to the 3.3s. So when I say settle, I don't mean that in a bad way. I know I'll be getting nearly the same sound with the added bonus that I can always make them surround speakers if/when I do finally snag a pair of 3.3s ... lol I was 50/50 in 1997 or so when I bought the VT-2 HT setup vs buying a pair of 3.3s for $3400. The HT setup has served my family well and I don't have much regret. Just think...
Looking for good condition set of NHT 3.3s. Would settle for 2.9s if they are available. I'm in SoCal, but willing to drive pretty far to pickup if necessary. Shipping $$$ OK with me (I know they are big and heavy).
This popped up on eBay and I thought "what the heck, it has to be better than the ARW 250 woofers I bought years ago". I checked the NHT closeout sale list and unfortunately this driver wasn't listed there, so I got nothing on this right now. Anybody know anything about the driver? TS parameters, where NHT actually used it, who made it, anything? Thanks
Original DIY sub along with extreme redneck open baffle version on left. That's the 2nd driver I want to give a nice new home!
Hello folks, long time member, mostly a lurker ... I built a roughly 3 cu ft closed sub for my NHT 1259 driver, only to find out after a couple hours of searching I had never bought one. Haha, I know, dumb! But I obught a lot of drivers and then let them sit for 4 or 5 years before I started building things. Anyway, I had a 10 inch driver instead. It's stamped "Acoustic Research ARW 250 S-CPS 4140 I" and according to the seller has the follwoing TS parameters: Fs ...
Don't know about the warranty, but whatever it is it beats the hell out of having the 71. I'm not sure what the clouding is, will have to read up on it and check if my screen's got it. Pretty sure I have the remote interference with my TWC box though. That is pretty wierd
Got my 850 today. Didn't think I'd see it before the new year. Looks like a beautiful set. I've noticed things in the foreground are very sharp, but really out of focus in the background. Maybe I'm losing it and just don't remember this from other sets. I'll have to check the 850 thread. Bottom line though: be nice to Samsung, talk only with ECR, and based on my experience stay calm and it will all work itself out (don't stress over the frontline techs)
Just thought I'd post a success story and give Samsung some credit. I was ready for war after reading this thread and the bottom line is that after only two new mainboards and NO "unrepairable" report I was offered an A850 and accepted. It should be here in 2 weeks. I had TBE and stutter with the original mainboard on FW 2002. I also had a port issue with HDMI 2 only. The first repair fixed the port issue, gave me FW 2004 and reduced TBE significantly. I thought it...
I've been wanting to try making a speaker with the drivers from the NHT 3.3, but have not been able to find out enough details. As far as I can tell I can get the tweeter (if the 2.9 and 3.3 have the same tweeter) and the 6.5" midrange here http://layneaudio.hypermart.net/AR.htm and the 1259 subwoofer is available from a few places, but can somebody post the make and model numbers of at least the 4" midrange (and preferably all drivers) please? Also, does...
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