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How does this box look when converting sports programming? I have one of those Samsung stand-alone tuners, and the SVideo is fine for most shows when recorded onto my EH75v, but as the camera follows the action, the lines on the court or field have these jaggies that "slide around", which are so distracting as to render the recording unwatchable. Would one of these converters make the lines look smoother? Hopefully without losing sharpness.
Back in the 1970's, did TV stations acquire their library of *recent* shows on tape, or on film? If the latter, I guess WGN had a crappier telecine machine than the Milwaukee station. Plus, they would always show the opening credits of movies at the end of the movie. And often no closing credits. Once, I was watching 'Failsafe', which * * * SPOILER ALERT! * * * ends with President Henry Fonda ordering the nuclear bombing of New York City (where his wife happens to be...
All this talk about the quality of broadcasts from Milwaukee reminds me how, back in the 1970's, I took advantage of the rotator on my Dad's TV antenna (in Deerfield) to watch late-night broadcasts of 'Star Trek' from Milwaukee because it looked so much better than 'Star Trek' broadcast by WGN. It's all subjective, anyway. I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago (same house, but they have cable now), and my Mom was watching MSNBC in SD. I asked her why, and she said,...
Definitely the best-looking game I watched all weekend. Can't complain about the outcome, either
.VRO files can usually be renamed .MPG files, and will play. When I've done this, I usually find I can only watch the first track in WMP, even though there's additional tracks in the file. All the track layout information is stored in the .IFO file, which WMP doesn"t know about. I usually leave it as a .VRO file and watch it with WinDVD, which understands the tracks just fine.
Similar to the Geffen, but more affordable, is the Blackmagic Intensity.
I am a Mod on said forum, and I think most of us remaining there have given up caring about WOCH, and wouldn't notice if it were there or not.
My local (Chicago Central) Microcenter has scads of AZO Verb -Rs in stock (all spindle sizes), along with just a few of the Life series.
Save everyone the trouble of bidding the price up.
You are correct about the Eh75v. I was trying to "follow along at home" here, but reading the EH50 manual made me realize that the OS was somewhat different than my EH75v, and I couldn't offer anything constructive. I see, though, that the remote for this machine has a jog/shuttle wheel (Smart Button)? I wonder if that would work on other models, say, the Eh75v. I have an old Hitachi VCR with a wheel, and always missed it after I got my E80H et seq. Pannies. Diga, I am so...
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