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We're happy to announce the release of KinEmote Public Beta 0.4 which brings a list of new features and enhancements to KinEmote users. We've been listening to your feedback on the KinEmote community forums and have tried to implement the most useful requests into this build to make KinEmote more fun, intuitive and functional. The most significant new feature is ‘Virtual Mouse' mode. We have spent many hours testing and tweaking the Virtual Mouse movement to be as...
A quick update to let you guys know the KinEmote web site is now up and running with community support forums, GiHub open source coder support and downloads section finally all in one place. Phew!! http://www.kinemote.net
Yep if it's got keyboard shortcuts, you can control it.
Hi guys, Just wanted to let you all know that we released our free KinEmote software and it now supports user-defined keystrokes so you can map anything you like to the gestures from a kinect plugged into your PC. It also has native Boxee and XBMC support built in. Get it for free here http://code.google.com/p/kinemote and check out the demo video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y0JT0xR_a4 Hope you all have fun with Joel
Everything gets passed straight to the receiver through the HDMi and it handles everything. Don't think I have tried anything above 48khz yet but I know that the receiver will handle 96/24 ok (in theory). The receiver seems to sense the switch in rates but sometimes it takes a second or two to do it which results in a silent spot. Fortunately I rarely play mix playlists, mainly albums which of course all tend to be encoded the same start to finish so I only get the...
Thanks for the info (and the hijacked thread mumbling on about remote controls). I finally got it to work in windows 7 so I'll stick with Mediaportal. I used to use Meedio way back which I am assuming became J River, while it's quite nice in some ways I find it to be less configurable and expandable than Mediaportal. So I guess better the Devil you know, I'll take MPs quirks as it's benefits are great and at least now I can play my files the way I want to. Also thanks...
Currently I am using Media Portal for my HTPC and have it working well for most things but I am finding it pretty weak in the Music playback support. I've tried using the ASIO plugins alongside ASIO4ALL for Media Portal but cannot get them to work properly even though they work fine through Foobar2000 where I can get bit perfect playback over HDMI to my HK-254 no problem. Support for the ASIO plugin in Media Portal is proving to be very painful. With that being said...
Hard to say without having another Celeron to compare it to, perhaps the new CPU is choking the Northbridge with it's limited bandwidth which may in turn choke your graphics bus. Of course there is always the possibility of a bad CPU, the only way you'll know is to test it in another system or go to Fry's and get yourself another CPU exactly the same to test it against and compare the return the bad one if that is the case.
I use this and it works very well, not bad for $5 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...S-Lockup_r10c1
More reading I get the impression that DAC on onboard sound chips is pretty awful (no surprise there). So at this point I guess I need to work out how to get completely untouched digital out to my receiver via HDMI. I'm going to use AISO4ALL to get output to my soundcard bypassing all the Windows junk and start there. I guess I still have to learn about things like bitmatching and proper driver selection to ensure I am getting what I need to the receiver.
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