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Interesting. I do understand that the D/A conversion conversation needs to take place comparing the Realtek chipset to the D/A in my receiver. I know neither of them are going to rock my world, but was just wondering if the D/A of a basic onboard chip like that would be superior to my receiver. If the receiver is much better than the chip then yes HDMI would be better, if not then 6x analogue from the HTPC I guess?
I'm using a pretty standard onboard Realtek HD 6-channel sound chip at the moment with my HTPC. The mobo also has the option of the NVidia HDMI sound output. Currently I send Video over HDMI and Audio over optical to my Harman Karden 254 receiver. My speaker setup is a 5-channel, no sub, 4x Energy bookshelf and center I want to start focusing on my audio quality a bit more and learning about optimizing what I have before spending money on any upgrades. Baring in...
After chewing over people's advice here I managed to find a great DJ in the area that will do a full MC service and has won a bunch of awards. $500 for 5 hours and nothing to worry about seems worth it - hey it's just money right?
Nice thanks for this reply that's very very helpful, I managed to find some great deals on all of these listed items with free shipping and no tax so definitely a viable option.
This looks pretty impressive for $199, what do you think?? http://www.audiolines.com/What-s-New...sactive-mobile
Dude..... They barely have a gas station an running water lol
My future wife and I are trying to organize a low budget wedding celebration that will take place in her parents back yard in Philly this coming July. I am having to organize this remotely from California. We have an outdoor dance floor 10'x20' and about 75 guests that will be shakin' it up for about 4 hours or so. I need to throw together a super cheap loud 'disco' sound with an amp/speaker or powered speaker setup that I can plug a laptop/ipod into for the...
In the end I resurrected my monoprice HDMI 2x4 matrix switch which acts as a decent booster, I just went from the HK to the switch and then out to both the TV and the projector and it looks fine now. I think the crappy splitter I had in before was limiting the bandwidth.
Thanks for this, good to know I am achieving a reasonable speed for my setup. All my HD content is in H264 anyway so non of my movies top more than about 10gig for a 2+ hour film, so this should be fine for now, maybe at some point I'll drop some pennies for a true 300mbps router but I'll see how this goes for now. Seems WPA2/EAS was the key to unlocking the N speeds.
Well now I am getting 6-7 mb/s which is a lot better but is that the average speed for a 150mpbs router?
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