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There's people here that do this for a living.. me.. I'm just your average DIYer. I see two options on the cheap: 1. Install a volume control with IR support. Put your source in the utility room (ie an old receiver) and wire the volume control from the "speaker out" on the receiver; wire the speakers to the volume control. Keep the remote for the receiver in the bathroom and learn to control the receiver without feedback. Changing radio station probably wouldn't be...
1 ohm is the proper impedence if your amp can handle it!
Solid or stranded, insulated or not. The only difference would be making sure the clamps are listed for stranded conductors.. which is usually the case. Tim
There is a requirement for derating bundles.. but without getting into a lengthy discussion I would say zip ties are fine 99% of the time. As Tim (the other Tim) points outs, you want to treat them the same as staples.. don't go cinching them down so tight that the cable is crushed. Tim
One other thing- if you get the ground clamp that is a single cast piece with a bolt in one end, the bolt gets tightened against the rod. The wire is sandwiched between the rod and the "pointy" end of the clamp. The wire does not go between the bolt and the rod.
From the antenna to the rod ("electrode") must be a minimum #10 Cu. From the ground block ("antenna discharge unit") to the rod must be a minimum #10 Cu ("grounding conductor"). From the new rod to the existing grounding electrode system must be a minimum of #6 Cu ("bonding jumper"). Recommend you run from antenna to rod and terminate with a listed ground clamp. If you are installing 2 rods run #6 from clamp on first rod through clamp on second rod, then on to existing...
The ground rods aren't too bad to install. Just rent a rotary hammer from HD and you can drive it in 3 min. You can bond the ground block to the #6 or to the ground rod. You don't need to run a separate wire to the service, as the #6 is running back there already. Once you run the #6 back to the service I don't see how you could have unsatisfactory results. If you just installed the rod and didn't bond it to the existing grounding system then yes, you will have a...
1-3/8 KO is a 1" trade size 2" KO is a 1-1/2" trade size 2-1/2" KO is a 2" trade size So for the largest KO you need a 2" chase nipple and bushing (or whatever it is you are going to use in that opening) Tim
Yeah, they give you a piece of self-stick foam that is supposed to be placed over the hole. I bought a different brand (OpenHouse) for another house and it came with a few plastic grommets. Tim
You could also try a chase nipple with an EMT bushing. Tim
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