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Does this TV pass Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 from an HDMI source (DirecTV set top box or PS3) out through the Optical output? And if it does, what would it send over the Optical output if sent DTS-HD 7.1 from a Bluray movie? (I have the 39" version if the different sizes handle audio differently.) Thanks!
I was talking to a guy at a local car stereo place and he told me a couple things about HD Radio that I could not verify by Googling so I"m wondering if anyone here has anything about these things: 1) All radio stations must have a digital signal by 2014 - meaning every station will have an HD station. 2) HD Radio signals can cover 100 miles - more than analog FM. Meaning I can get Denver HD stations while driving 60 miles away in Colorado Springs with a mountain range...
I want to replace the stock stereo in my 2008 Civic and I thought I was going to go for a deck with a rear USB (running the cable into the back of my glove box) and just keep a thumb drive connected to it full time. But my son tried that with an Alpine deck he bought late last year and has the following problem: The unit does not remember the last song that was played through the thumb drive each time he starts the car. It just starts from the first song on the thumb...
Does anyone know the code for this reciever for DirecTV remotes? I tried all the codes that my DirecTV HD DVR displays and none of them let me switch the input (TV, DVD, PS3, etc). I found a code that works volume, mute, power and some input sources; but not one to do ALL of the input sources. Thanks!
Every time I go in to the Smart Hub it makes me choose my wireless router and enter my WEP password. Shouldn't the TV save this info after the first time you enter it so you don't have to re-enter it EVERY TIME?!? I don't have this problem with our iPhones, iPad, PS3, etc. Thanks! Rob
Carter42: Did you get this problem resolved? I just signed up for NetFlix streaming and noticed that I have the same issue with the TV - have to reconnect to the wireless router (enter the WEP PW) every time I go to use NetFlix. Thanks!
How good is iMovie 11 for editing HD video (Canon HG20)? I don't need to do anything too fancy, just edit recoding clips, string clips together, add some chapter markers, and a title screen with chapter selections. I know I'd need something else to burn bluray's but it sounds like iMovie might be enough to make HD movies to post on youtube or put on a thumb drive to attach to a smart tv or PS3.
I'll add to Vince's question and ask what kind of computer your using to edit your HD videos. I'm thinking about upgrading from my 5 year old Pentium D to a new one and need some opinions: iMac vs (similarly configured) PC - i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD Would one of those be enough power to nicely and smoothly edit and review HD video? THANKS! Rob
I'm using Sony Vegas 9 Platinum. Does everything I could think of doing. Not the simplest thing, but I guess that goes hand-in-hand with that fact that it does so much. The problem for me is that it is a bit slow and reviewing my videos in Vegas are very choppy because my PC is not powerful enough - 5 year old Pentium D with upgrade to 3GB RAM.
I wonder why Samsung removed the Amazon app from the D series?!? My DirecTV HD-DVR deleted an episode of Big Bang Theory before we watched it (first time that has ever happened!) and Amazon seems to be the only place to watch BBT as it is not on CBS.com or Hulu. Anyone know how to get the Amazon app on the D series or another way to watch BBT on this set? Thanks!
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