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Has anyone with a M50 gotten updated to 1.25? Or only new purchases have that version so far.
Has anyone else had their remote stop working via WIFI and go back to IR on it's own? I got the update last week and all seemed well, then yesterday it for no reason went back to IR. In the settings it showed as still being paired to the TV, but if I looked in system information it no longer listed the remote FW version or battery level. I had to unpair then repair up the remote and now it's back on WIFI. Odd
I just tuned in now and they are already playing a movie.
Go back a page or two in this thread, a few folks are reporting problems with the remote not being able to power their sets on using the updated remote. They are having to use an ir remote to power on, then the wifi remote works great.
From what I've been reading from people having problems turning their tv on after the update, you might be a little overly optimistic .
I have a M50 with a serial of 27LWJJOICP02***I'm wondering if all the 50's start with 27?
I would take that to read if your area observes DST then select "on".
Why would that be a hack? XMBC would just have to design a private channel using the Roku SDK. Thats how I started running Plex on it over 2 years ago when I got my first unit.
Thats interesting…did they say how to tell which version you have?
Return the TV back if your not happy. Don't settle you will regret it.
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