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Just as another data point, I am in 94085 as well, Fair Oaks & Maude and have not been upgraded yet. Given how long it took to even get cable internet here, I'd bet my area gets turned on closer to the Nov 15th date. More likely afterwards...
In sunnyvale hell: 1) tnt 2) espn2 3) fx 4) sci-fi 5) hbo2,3,etc 6) food network 7) cartoon network 8) USA Actually, this begs another question. I got a letter several months ago from Comcast saying they would be upgrading the area and to expect service disruptions. Certainly there have been more disruptions lately than normal, so should I expect good changes sooner rather than later?
I am by Fair Oaks and Maude Ave - close to the park. Strange though, I remember talking to a Comcast tech once and he said, generally, everything south of Washington was already not-550mhz.
I got The Letter a couple days ago as well. I, too, am curious exactly what work will be done and what the result will be. I don't have the letter anymore but I remember something about exciting new services like video on demand. But nothing specifically as to which channels would be added (if any), etc.
ARGH. NBA 2nd round playoff action finally getting interesting and no TNT-HD. Those "We Believe" shirts worked well enough for getting the Warriors into the playoffs and past the Mavs. Too bad they don't work on getting Comcast off it's butt and upgrading the underserved areas. The ultimate irony is that those yellow shirts are sponsored by Comcast! End rant of a crazy person. Move along, nothing to see.
I'm not too familiar with all the systems in the south bay, but just to make sure, this good news doesn't change things for Sunnyvale-hell right?
Ohio State sure didn't help matters any..
Anyone else having problems watching the warriors game on FSNHD? Aside from the fact the guide shows a start time of 5pm when the game started at 4:30, when I tune to the channel I get a frozen picture.. ?? BTW, I'm in 550 sunnyvale
Thanks, I told my friend and this was it.
Does anyone know what channel I should tune to for KGO-HD in 95135? I'm at a friend's place in San Jose and last time I was here we found KGO-HD on 88.1 but now I can't find it there, nor on 7.1, nor on any other of the channels mentioned the past couple of months. It's such a waste to watch the NBA game in SD on this plasma
New Posts  All Forums: