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Yup !! My 103D is my 1st Oppo and the picture quality beats just about all the rest. Now if they could only make the transport a little more like the DV-09 !! LOL I am satisfied !! Later Me 
O__my gosh !! I typed that ?Not one of my better written post !!However I am glad you got my meaning !! Later , G. 
The Oppo BDP - 103D has 2 HDMI out , one for your tv and one for your receiver , if HDMI capable. My amp is not , so I run an optical cable from my 103D to my DSP-A1G. I get DTS / DD / PCM. I hope this info helps , Gary 
It seem just like yesterday I was reading a similar thread regarding the panels used for the new ( 1st Gen. ) MacBook Pro Retina display. Some had LG`s and some had Samsung , the LG`s have a problem with temporary image retention if you use the display to bright. I have a MBP-R and it does have an LG display and at times I too notice slight image retention , but that is the one thing I don`t lose sleep over !! It`s technology , it`s evolving , it`s a live !! LOL What...
Copy protection ? , You mean Macro-Vision !! LOL Actually I read about Macro-Vision in a history book , I of course have no real first hand knowledge M-V or VHS for the matter !! Later , Me 
48 should be out in May 2k street. Me
Hi Allan, Yes I do use darbee , I use about 35% for 3D & Blueray , and 45% for SD. As u probably know , it is best to adjust all other video settings from your display , VSR adjust to taste !! It's an ok player for the price , I just wish the transport was smoother , but it is just about the best u can get now a days !,, I, m thinking back to my first DVD player , the Pioneer Elite DV09 , of course the video quality was not as good ( bad CUE ), but great transport. Ok...
CD sound will be fine , get a good nights sleep !! Read the manual and do the firmware update ( all of them ) It`s a good player ! If you have 3D and if you have Avatar 3D , it is amazing Later , Me 
You can`t , for some reason Samsung did not include a headphone jack , and BlueTooth head sets don`t work. The only audio out is optical and the sound bar , NOW , maybe the sound bar can be a headphone out ? I don`t no , but you could try that. E-Manual > Getting Started > Audio Out Connection Later , G. 
Frozen 3D comes out in October , or you can get from VUDU. O__ BTW , congrats on your new F8000. G. 
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