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Thanks for the post Ben. Thanks for sharing.
Goodwill. I tried to give them a 32" TV a few years ago.
That's not correct.The HDHR allows you to connect an antenna and receive over the air content (ABC, CBS, etc). No cable service is required.The HDHR Prime needs a cable card and at least basic service.
Thrift shops won't take "old school" TVs.Sorry.
I velcro-ed my NUC to the back of my plasma. Kids can't reach it that way. I ran a USB extension cable to the bottom of the plasma so the RF dongle is out of site at the bottom edge.
It will go as fast as your bluray drive can send it the "1s" and "0s". A straight rip is not that CPU/GPU intensive.
I am sure you already tried this but did you try to run the update manually?
If you are doing a straight rip then I agree with Nev --- the bottleneck is going to be your bluray drive and no increase in CPU or GPU is going to improve that time.
With my Onkyo I do the following... 1. Wake up the HTPC. 2. Turn on the projector. Wait until the projector image is displaying (about 10-20 seconds). 3. Turn Onkyo on. 4. Turn Onkyo to HTPC input (if not already there) If I don't do it in this order it gives me problems as well.
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