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Munch's character was certainly a long time presence but he rarely had any significant screen time. Considering that, the retirement party scene was pretty lengthy.They've written much more elaborate stories even regarding the personal lives of Fin and even the "newcomers" Amaro and Rollins who have taken central roles with Liv.Couldn't have expected too much more of Munch's farewell.
When that's happened with me, the only way I was ever able to get past it was to do a factory reset.
It would be an interesting twist if the show has Van Alden eventually cutting a deal with the Feds to help them build their case(s) against Capone. Obviously he hates Capone.
Thank you. I do believer that you're correct about the space as they told him 300 SD hours and their website corroborates (75 HD/300SD). At this time, he does not have HD.I'm surprised to hear the cloud isn't available in your area yet. We're in Western Nassau. I'm a D* sub and I'm exploring the FiOS option with TiVO Roamios and Minis. The problem is that the D* setup works flawlessly with 3 HR-24's and an H25. The Roamio is relatively new so I'm curious to read about...
Cablevision reps are trying to woo my father-in-law into switching from Verizon FiOS to them. One of their selling points is their new '10-tuner MRV DVR'. From my research, it looks like a Cloud based service. Does anyone have any experience with it? Supposedly, their triple play will save him over $45 a month at about $108 after all fees vs Verizon's best offer. It doesn't sound too bad.
What was Jamie doing when Cassie was killed? Any chance she is the BS?
There was a lot of foreshadowing with Deb that she was up to something. Her scene with Quinn was one example. I thought she was going to shoot herself in the car.
For sure, she's a candidate to have been the gun woman coercing the other killer. I didn't think of her pitting two prodigies against each other. Interesting.
I watched what was supposed to be the season finale last night off the DVR. Has the show been confirmed to be nixed? Could the Chief possibly be in 2 shows or can they get another chief?
My bad. They were both originally Thracian though, at least, no?;-)
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