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Isn't the VT/Miami game supposed to be in HD? They're advertising it as such. Thanks, Brian
A few weeks ago I was in the same boat, I really would have loved to get HDTivo thru DirectTV, but my budget wasn't quite ready. I'm also a "newbie" so maybe my experience will help you with your decision. I decided to upgrade my standard cable to digital cable w/HD. I wanted to give Cox a try and I'm not really happy except for ESPNHD. They only offer one of the big 4 in HD. I also have a HD tuner which I am happy with to pick up the locals in HD to make up for the...
Does that mean when you have the double-header that only one game will be in HD?
Ted, San Diego/Atlanta not in HD. Is this because it is not televised in HD? If that's the case why couldn't a game that is in HD be aired? I know a lot of it is regional, but Atlanta isn't that close Thanks, Brian
No lip-synch on Raymond. 21/2 men looks fine also. Ted, thanks for the explanation on the NFL games. Anbody else having problems with 13-1 reception tonite? I can't get MNF for some reason. Brian
I watched Smallville on Wednesday, and it was definitely being stretched. If you happened to see it 2 weeks ago THAT was in HD. Looked very good. Did anyone check out the game last nite on FOX? It was in HD, I think??? I only tuned in for a very short time, but it didn't look good at all.
John, thanks for the reply. Audio sync was minor, just wanted to make sure there wasn't something wrong on my end. I agree thought the picture looked very good. I was extremely pleased that I could get all the locals just by using an indoor antenna, guess that makes me one of the lucky ones.
clangro, Try the silver sensor, should be able to get it for $40 at Sears. Also try the Radio Shack 15-1880. Both have gotten good reviews for indoor antennas on this site. I have the Silver Sensor and just hooked it up to my receiver stuck it next to the TV and have about 65 signal strength on all my local stations. This was with very little work, should be able to get better signal when I actually get my lazy self to move the antenna around. But alot of...
Last night was my first foray into OTA HD so I wanted to see if other people had this problem. While watching Smallville there seemed to be a small audio sync problem. Were other people experiencing this, and if not, what would be the cause of this? Thanks
The native resolution is 788p. As for what you set your box too, it would depend on the source
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