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^ Well, sure. You can't expect them to throw in a lens for only $200K. --Bob
^ Since we are talking Crossovers, I might as well complete the picture and point out it is ALSO a problem to set the Crossover frequency too HIGH! First, of course, your Sub might not even be able to reproduce those higher bass frequencies. But that aside, a high Crossover will send things to the Sub that are not really good to ask the Sub to reproduce -- such as the low end of male voices. The Rule of Thumb to avoid this is to keep the Crossover no higher than 100Hz...
The current scheme for speaker layout controls was introduced into the 93/95 a few months after the 95 was released -- in the 46-0428B Public Beta firmware released May, 2011, which became Official firmware in July, 2011. That would be a likely point for the bug to have appeared, but that's not been confirmed yet. If true, that would mean the later, ISO-capable firmware for the 93/95 *DOES* have this Speaker Distance Adjustment bug.Countering that is tester memory that...
^ CORRECT. --Bob
If all speakers are LARGE there is no issue. There's also no issue if you are using digital audio output (e.g., HDMI Audio), regardless of speaker settings in the OPPO.If you are using the multi-channel Analog audio outputs, have the Subwoofer enabled for those, and have ANY speakers set to SMALL then this issue affects you.My recommendation, in that case, would be to set the multi-channel Analog output Crossover in the OPPO no lower than 60Hz.The meat of LFE is in the...
Play nice! You discovered a problem, and your insistence that there WAS a problem was a key factor in getting this sorted out.But Dan actually found the bug -- i.e., what needed to be fixed.--Bob
It's a good thing my plan features "Extra Nights and Weekends Minutes of Fame"--Bob
Nobody has taken the time to look yet. All hands on deck to get the fix out.The only answer in this regard that's really important is whether the folks still sticking with the increasingly ancient, ISO-capable firmware on their 93 and 95 players are stuck with the bug. Fortunately the "workaround" distance settings provide a relatively painless fix for them if that proves to be the case.--Bob
^ I normally use equidistant speaker settings on the Analog outs, since my Anthem Statement D2v can handle the speaker distance compensation on its own even for multi-channel Analog input. Which of course makes it easy for me to flip back and forth between DSD and PCM to the DACs for comparison, as well as comparing Analog vs. HDMI audio. As it turns out, that ALSO means my comparison testing was not compromised by this bug. Sometimes it pays to be lucky. --Bob
^ Bravo! --Bob
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