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^ The odds are good for a fast fix. --Bob
^ Evidently this disc really does require the updated firmware -- or a more clever ripping technique yet to be discovered. Just can't trust those dragons..... --Bob
It does if you have Stereo Signal FRONT LEFT/RIGHT set since in that configuration the Dedicated L/R jacks (both RCA and XLR) are configured for use wired in lieu of the normal LF/RF jacks of the multi-channel set.As it turns out it ALSO does even if you have Stereo Signal DOWN-MIXED STEREO set due to a long standing bug: The Dedicated L/R jacks respond to the speaker distance settings for multi-channel LF/RF even though they should not in this configuration. (This is on...
Your situation is simple, in that you just need to replace +2 with -2. It doesn't matter how you accomplish that. The math I presented was general. If you do the math it really does turn the +2 into -2, but as you say you have to round the results to 1/4 foot. The rounding is not a big deal -- the result is close enough for the purpose. But since you have an easier, exact alternative then sure, go ahead and use it. --Bob
^ Yeah, I think one of the reasons Netflix is limiting deployment of their 3D capable app is that their available content is truly godawful. And that's not likely to improve as their focus now is on how little they can get away with and still market the result as "4K". --Bob
OPPO Engineering already has a fix in hand for the Speaker Distance Adjustment Bug on the 10x family of players, and they are testing it now. --Bob
^ I know they are aware of it, but I don't know status on a fix. For this one, I fear the problem may be baked into the hardware, which, if true, would mean a firmware fix would be hard to impossible. --Bob
^ Sure. And thus my reply that the limitation you mentioned does not exist in the 95. --Bob
^ My post you quoted was not a reply to your post. It just happened to be the next post in the thread. --Bob
^ The limitation you describe was applicable to the BDP-83, but not the newer players. (The 83 does not have the bug.) The bug was found following user reports that setting all distances to 0 feet produced better sound. It turns out, that setting speakers equidistant (such as all at 0 feet) retains the timing differences associated with the non equal TRUE speaker distances, but that's HALF the timing differences that resulted from the bug. So all 0 feet sounds better,...
New Posts  All Forums: