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These are "surround sound" modes. They raise a smaller number of content channels to a larger number of speakers output.Since you only have 2.1 speakers in your configuration, there's nothing any of the surround sound modes can do, so they are not selectable.To check this, temporarily enable Center and the Surrounds (even though they are not wired up) and you should now see the surround sound modes as available when you are playing your stereo content.--Bob
Yes. NOTE: /24 output requires /24 input.--Bob
For SD-DVD the Yellow button will usually work -- see the Hidden Features in the latest FAQ. However, most Blu-ray discs these days are authored using BD-Java. That means there's a kinda sorta computer program on the disc that actually controls playback. For those, there's no way for the player to force the BD-Java program to do what it doesn't want to do. Often, it's hard enough to get it to do what it WANTS to do.Studios are increasingly using bizarre and Baroquely...
^ Yes. Hardware mods are sold by 3rd parties for internal install or for plugging into the back panel. I don't use one myself. Do some homework on customer support. --Bob
^ You only need to add hardware for Blu-ray region-free. For SD-DVD, the SuperDisc software-only solution does the trick. See the FAQ. --Bob
^ Tin-foil hat time? --Bob
I don't believe this theory, since in my testing correct distances entered into the OPPO produce the same sound as correct distances entered into my D2v (with speakers all set equidistant in the device that's not supposed to be doing anything). That would mean the D2v has to be screwing up, too, and in the SAME manner, which I find implausible.--Bob
Distance adjustment has a different effect on bass. Bass is not localizable -- it is heard to come "from everywhere" -- so distance adjustment doesn't alter its position in the sound field. However it DOES alter the critical phase relationships.This is particularly important through the Crossover region where the mains and the Sub are each playing portions of the same bass content at the same time. If Sub phase is not correct you get cancellations. The point being that...
It might pay to go back to basics: Step back and then revisit your entire setup with a fresh eye, just as if it were brand new, looking for gotchas. I'm talking REALLY basic things, like re-confirming proper speaker wiring polarity. As for the OPPO itself, whenever the Beta group sees inexplicable results from the player, our first thought is to do a complete Reset of the player "just in case". It can't hurt, and sometimes it provides a magic cure: 1) Remove any...
OK, so that brings me to the OTHER piece of my test:I get the same result if I have the OPPO do the distance correction as when I have the D2v do the distance correction.That means they have to both be wrong (and wrong the SAME WAY), or they are both right.Or, umm, I'm "soundstage deaf".....As for why "no correction" sounds better to you, I could only guess. One possibility is that you are used to it by now. Perhaps there really WAS a problem in your earlier testing --...
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