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gjwAudio, I suspect if you try LPCM output of 4.0 content discs on the Sony PS3 or modern Blu-ray players (such as the recent OPPOs) you will find they ALL output LPCM 5.1 to the D2. I seriously doubt all of them have the D2 listed as a special case. Of course LPCM 2.0 content should be output as 2.0, not 5.1. --Bob
^ Set the OPPO to send 1080p/24 for Blu-ray films (1080p/24 Output AUTO). You can then set up three Source definitions in the D2v, all of which use the OPPO as the Input device, and which differ according to the Video Output Configuration they select. Set one to output 1080p/24, another for 1080p/60, and the third as Video Output Configuration THROUGH so you can use your new 3D board for 3D viewing (which only works as THROUGH). (Or you can switch between the Video...
^ 3D is 24 frames per second. What do you normally send to your display when viewing *2D* content? 1080p/60 or 1080p/24? It could be the Display is having problems with /24 video, perhaps due to a setting in it ("motion smoothing" would be a likely culprit). It could also be that you are just seeing normal "motion judder" -- i.e., lack of smoothness in motion if the filmmakers don't take steps to avoid filming motion that can't be captured smoothly at just 24 frames...
Hiss is a symptom of external interference, not something the player is generating. If you read on where you spotted such posts, you will usually find that the poster discovered the problem was some other device or something else in the theater environment. Also see the Hiss & Hum FAQ in the Audio Theory forum here.--Bob
^ Sorry I'm not familiar with the SVS ASEQ and what it's "SAT channel" is supposed to do. --Bob
The reason the Anthem is playing 2.0 is because the XBMC discovered that 4.0 didn't work and sent 2.0 instead, not because somehow the Anthem is receiving 4.0 and discarding 2 channels itself. What XBMC should be doing is raising the channel count to 5.1 instead of dropping down to 2.0. It's the job of the Source to only send audio the receiving device can handle. And yes, earlier OPPO players had the same problem with 4.0 and 3.0 content to the Anthem -- since fixed in...
^ DSD uses DSD where it can be used and mutes the other outputs. DSD can always be used on the Analog outputs, so they are never muted. AUTO uses DSD if *ALL* active outputs can use DSD, otherwise it uses LPCM for *ALL* outputs. This means you will always get audio. PCM uses LPCM for all outputs. This, too, means you will always get audio. If all outputs can use DSD, then DSD and AUTO do the same thing, otherwise not. --Bob
^ I should add, the Anthems also don't accept LPCM 1.0. Source devices send LPCM 2.0 instead (dual channel Mono). I guess the question is, since the Anthem says it can't accept LPCM 4.0, why would a source device send LPCM 2.0 for 4.0 content instead of sending 5.1 (with Center/Sub silent)? --Bob
First, my apologies about the incorrect post above. Your original setting of DSD was correct. (AUTO will give you the same result if your connected HDMI audio device also accepts HDMI DSD.)Next, the 105D adds the ability to play stereo-only DSD into the USB Asynchronous DAC Input at either normal or double rate. This feature is not available on the original 105.All of the 10x players can play DSD at normal rate (only) from a hard drive attached to one of the regular,...
^ What's the downside to sending 4.0 LPCM content as 5.1 (with Center/Sub silent) to *ALL* devices? --Bob
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