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Yep, that's what you've achieved. One further step and a separate comment.The further step: In this configuration, the Subwoofer will need +10dB boost, external to the player, to match the levels on the Dedicated L/R jacks. This is all normal stuff -- providing the headroom in the Sub output channel for the extra loud bass that's captured in the LFE content.So use an SPL meter and some test tones and adjust the volume knob on the Sub itself until it produces the same...
OPPO, when possible, retrofits improvements developed for the newer players back into the older players. So it's possible the bug migrated that way.--Bob
^ The bug does not appear to be in the 83. The 83 has extremely limited support for speaker distance adjustment. But what's in there appears to be working CORRECTLY. --Bob
^ OPPO Engineering has reproduced the Distance Adjustment Bug on the 10x players, and another Beta Tester has also found the problem in the latest firmware on the 93 (testing the LF/RF speaker pair). I still don't have a definitive answer as to whether all pairs of speakers are affected, although at this point I think that likely. I'd love to hear from some of the folks here who were using "all 0 feet" as to what they hear when they try the "workaround" speaker distance...
^ It's possibly listener bias, or they may have detected a problem in the way their AVR is handling HDMI Audio input. --Bob
^ If you want Analog direct, then of course there is no point. Allowing the AVR to re-digitize the Analog input means you can use the value added processing of the AVR -- such as Distance Adjustment as we were just discussing, or Room Correction. Of course you could just as well use HDMI Audio in that case. I have my D2v re-digitize multi-channel Analog input from the 105D so I can apply Anthem Room Correction, and thus have a valid comparison against HDMI Audio for...
^ The other possibility is that new firmware was pushed to the Scientific Atlanta box without your realizing it. HDMI implementations in these set top boxes are pretty notorious for being flaky. Another thing you can try is to see if you can swap out your current Cox / Scientific Atlanta box for a newer model. In my experience with Comcast's Motorola boxes, sometimes that's the only practical solution. --Bob
That's true for multi-channel Analog fed into many lower and mid-range AVRs -- and for any AVR when set to the equivalent of "Analog Direct" pass-through. For more expensive AVRs there is usually an option to "process" even multi-channel Analog -- meaning it gets re-digitized first. And that allows the AVR to do distance adjustment.--Bob
I've confirmed that the Distance Adjustment Bug also exists in the 103 (current firmware) for the LF/RF pair of speakers. My test 103 configuration is only wired for Stereo Analog, so I've not checked any of the other speaker pairs, but I think the odds are good that all are affected. For those arriving late, a reminder that this only affects the ANALOG audio outputs. if you are using HDMI Audio you are not affected by this. If you are using the ANALOG audio outputs...
That's not a contradiction, it's just a reflection of the confusing markings on discs.The player (as shipped from OPPO) *DOES* only play Region 1 and Region ALL discs. However some multi-region discs are labeled like "1/2/4". So the player will play a disc marked as ALL or marked with Region 1 as one of the included numbers.--Bob
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