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I've done more testing of the distance adjustments and confirmed the error also occurs for LS with respect to RS and for LF with respect to LS. At this point I think the odds are good the distance adjustment is being done incorrectly for ALL the speakers. In addition, I've satisfied myself that it is NOT a case of the distance value being applied to the wrong speaker. For the LF/LS test, making changes in the LF and LS distances affected the result. If the LF value was...
^ After you get ARC set up, I think you'll find you are happier NOT adding the THX post processing as part of your surround sound Mode. --Bob
Too much hardware changes out to do an "upgrade". For a while Anthem was running a factory sponsored trade-in program, but that ended a long time ago.You have two options: Work a deal with your Anthem dealer, or sell the D2 privately (e.g., on Audiogon) and purchase a D2v separately.By the way, although this is slowly changing, you should be aware that many of the Blu-ray titles sold as 7.1 really only had 5.1 theatrical release mixes. I.e., they've been processed up to...
The HDMI 1-4 inputs use separate hardware from the HDMI 5-8 inputs. Try switching to the other bank of inputs.--Bob
The original D2 is limited to 5.1 Input. It can raise that to 7.1 speaker output by math (PLIIx), but it can not accept 7.1 input. 7.1 input via HDMI is available in the newer D2v. This is a hardware limitation in the original D2 -- can not be changed via firmware. --Bob
^ I don't have one of these, but as I recall the trick is it has to be in Region A before you install the firmware or it gets stuck like this. You could try a re-install of the firmware (download it from the OPPO Support page for install via a USB stick). --Bob
^ The whole idea is that it doesn't matter. When only one output is in use that setting is ignored. So let's just make sure your hardware is working with one output at a time, first, and then we can go from there. --Bob
Physically disconnect HDMI 1 and see if you now get audio (and video) on HDMI 2 -- try it both with HDMI 2 wired to your TV and with HDMI 2 wired to your AVR.If you DO get audio and video then you know the hardware is not busted.If you don't, then physically disconnect HDMI 2 and try HDMI 1 alone first into the TV and then into the AVR. Be sure to use the same cables you've been using all along with HDMI 1 and HDMI 2, i.e., don't switch then for this test.If a single...
The optical drive is the same in the two players for current manufacturing. There have been some model changes in the optical drive over the history of production, i.e., the oldest 103 units may have a different model drive (same specs, just a change in part availability from the supplier).--Bob
^ There are several questions that come up from this which OPPO Engineering will need to dive into: 1) Which firmware introduced this bug? Really, guys, this used to work. 2) Does the bug affect distance correction for speakers other than LF/RF? 3) Is the bug related to my use of the Dedicated L/R jacks in lieu of the normal LF/RF jacks of the multi-channel set? I.e., the use of Stereo Signal FRONT LEFT/RIGHT? If so, that would likely mean the problem only exists...
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