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FOX is notorious for this, but I believe they only screw with Rental customers this way. Frankly, I'm amazed they don't run a continuous banner during the Rental movie reading, "BUY A REAL COPY, YOU CHEAPSKATE!" Or interrupt the Rental movie periodically with commercials.--Bob
^ Check that you are using the latest firmware. In Setup > Device Setup > Firmware Information, the "Main" firmware version should end "0218". As a workaround, use the Input button on the remote to re-select Blu-ray Player and then back to the HDMI Input (which forces a new HDMI handshake). If the problem persists with the latest firmware, email OPPO Tech Support with the info on your DVR and TV to see if they have any other suggestions. --Bob
^ My guess is this is just a bug in the players that are trying to implement pseudo-HDMI 2.0 before it's "real" (a marketing stunt). They've broken backwards compatibility with HDMI 1.4. Why am I not surprised? Set your Source devices to output no more than 12-bit (36 bits per pixel). If you can't *SEE* an improvement with 12-bit, turn their Deep Color OFF, as you'll get more reliable HDMI with the lower bandwidth video. --Bob
When you get to the Netflix page to begin playback of a program, you will also find a menu item for Audio & Subtitles. That will bring up the page where you can select the 5.1 audio option.--Bob
^ That's possible. It would require that RGB is somehow breaking the portion of the handshake which limits the bits per pixel. --Bob
^ Good old Sony. Where they got that from is beyond me. The D2v can't handle 48 bits per pixel. The Sony is supposed to detect that during the handshake and reduce down to what the next device in the HDMI chain says it can support. --Bob
^ Wait, where are you getting a 16 bit deep color choice? The current generation of HDMI supports 8-bits per component (24 bits per pixel), 10 bits per component (30 bits per pixel), and 12 bits per component (36 bits per pixel). The D2v only supports up to 36 bits per pixel. --Bob
^ Shhh! Now everyone will want one. --Bob
Don't have advice for you in other brands. You really should email OPPO UK directly and ask them what's up. They handle all of Europe. OPPO Digital here in the US does not sell the European models. What you found regarding Internet purchase is probably nothing more than typical local dealer protection. If the unit is available in the UK, OPPO UK will know. --Bob
How odd. Are you sure they knew you were asking about a 105D, and not the older 105? OPPO UK shows the 105D in silver on their web site: http://www.oppo-bluray.co.uk/ecommerce/product/BDP-105D-Silver.aspx You might want to send an email to OPPO UK directly, and see what the say about availability. --Bob
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