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Just noted this in the 95 thread, and thought audiophiles in this thread might be interested as well. OPPO has just added a new section to their web site: http://www.oppodigital.com/future/ --Bob
^ Nope. Evidently they got distracted putting up a different change to their web site: http://www.oppodigital.com/future/ --Bob
^ The 103D defaults to Deep Color OFF. For Color Space it defaults to AUTO (preference retrieved from the next device in the HDMI chain), which usually results in YCbCr 4:4:4 for HDMI to HDMI connections and RGB Video Level for HDMI to DVI connections. (I strongly recommend picking an explicit Color Space choice instead of relying on AUTO.) --Bob
^ Try a placement up a side wall -- adjacent to the wall. (i.e., get it away from that front wall.) Also try rotating the sub in place (unless it is a style of Sub with a down or up firing cone). --Bob
^ It's a workaround. But not a solution, since the idea is to get "native" to work. --Bob
Evidently dealers in Europe are already offering the 103D with dealer-installed Region Free mods, so SOMETHING works. I don't think we've had any reports posted here yet that mods designed for the 103 work with the 103D -- except of course for the free Super Disc solution for region-free SD-DVD playback (see the FAQ -- link at the top of the first post of this thread).For any specific mod, you probably need to ask the company that makes and sells that mod.--Bob
Generally speaking this is not all that useful, as the average user won't understand the context. Bugs frequently are specific to certain setups/configurations and, of course, certain titles being played. Sometimes they are intermittent. Often they are still being investigated, with the question of whether the reported problem is real, and whether the problem is in the content, the player, or some other device in the chain is still unknown.There's also the problem of...
I think people have been reporting the most success using JRiver as a DLNA server. The server will "push" files to the OPPO for playback, so the browsing and control happens in the server's UI screen. JRiver also has apps for secondary devices (e.g., iPad) that can be used to control this. I don't actually do this myself, so this is hearsay. But perhaps someone can chime in with confirmation this will work for your FLAC files. You may need to disable "transcoding" in...
Yes, if you can't use HDMI for audio, then the multi-channel Analog outputs are the way to go. You will get the full quality from ALL audio tracks the 103 can play. Setting a 5.1 down-mix will have no effect on 5.1 or stereo tracks. It will only engage when you play a 6.1 or 7.1 track and what happens is the rear channel content gets mixed into the side channels. You are still playing the full quality, high bit rate audio track (e.g., Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD MA or SACD...
The way HDMI works, the Source device (the Comcast box in this case) controls the Handshake from end to end. For something like your TV, the Comcast box has to do that by communicating through the intervening devices (such as the OPPO in this case). This is called "repeater processing", and set top boxes have a long history of screwing it up.There are a few things you can do to "simplify" the handshake and increase the odds that the Comcast can make it happen. First, do...
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