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Agreed, never support scan-speak, as they propogate lies....they are worse than Monster!!!
Several differant times I've heard them, I felt they were edgy, unforgiving and wore on me after a while, but felt that some of that may have been the rooms and placement (which I couldn't control)....On a few other occaisions wher I thought the situations were better, I simply thought they were a tad analytical and uninspiring, but still not being able to control all the variables, I wouldn't mind trying them again in my own system based on the fact that others seem to...
You've never sought permission before. But I am not angry or frustrated....but yes a little medicated :l
Sorry, wasn't intentional Me too, just responding to the similarities.No, I didn't think you did.While I prefer the CM1's to the 686's by fair enough margin, I would say the 685's , while a differant speaker to be sure, might just be a differant speaker and a matter of taste and application deciding which might be preferable.As are the CM1's, and I wasn't unhappy before, just careless with caps lock and medicated.
Which plasma will they be flanking?
Sorry about the "all caps", I didn't realize....I'm on pain meds now due to surgery ...must concentrate a bit more.
For music, and a match with the CM1's in a small room: Rel T2 Era Sub8 Velodyne Minivee
That's the kind of thing proponents of ultra-high-end cables say.Actually, I have and can , at times, but I won't be so arrogant as to say that I'm not fooled sometimes too and hence my stating "There is some truth in most bias and generalizations, AND I too see those nuggets in what you are saying ", the differance is the fact that I am not so arrogant as to put together such a concise (and contrite) generalized paragraph oversimplifying attributes that could be also be...
Only your ears in a comparative demo could tell you that, without that personal experiance, value will only be what others convince you that it is.
Blind comparisons are always good, but best done personally, so you can trust the conclusions, especially as they pertain to you.
New Posts  All Forums: