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Still thinking something with a servo with ML's for music.
If he has ML's he is likely going to need something musicall and that can blend nicely so the DD with it's room correction and servo is going to be a plus, but ........that would be a good option as well, as long as you have some placement options with two subs that size.
Absolutely ,and the previous quote is a perfect example of the ID brands marketing.Or you can realize that speaker selection is a very personal choice and auditioning compaitively against other contenders will tell your ears what suits your tastes best. Some good sounding and good looking suggestions for your on-walls flanking the plasma: Era Design4 lcr's in piano black B&W VR6's Era PL28's Definitive Technology Mythos Totem Tribes PS.....man up and get the Elite!
I agree, it's always better to go with what your ears have told you after auditioning. If you've found you prefer them after having heard all those others, why roll the dice? Of course, I'm a B&W dealer , but seriously, this advice applies to ALL speakers, AUDITION, AUDITION, AUDITION, and trust what your ears tell you.
Yes, the one where you listened to them, if that's too far give me your zip code and I'll give you the names of the closest dealers to you.
Looks much better, and sounds much better too
http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/displa...fid=1729&sc=hf end of story Now can we move on?
If you are looking for something that looks less like a box and wall mounts easily (own bracket/no need to make shelf) , then it sounds like satelittes might be the way yau are being herded. That being the case then is laquer black ok, or is white or another color preferable? Def tech has their PM1000's in white and shiny black, B&W has the LM1's in colors and both (as they are larger satelittes) will perform more like bookshelf speakers sonicly and have included or...
I agree that stating such is a good idea, and NOT selling here by not advertising where you work is a way of keeping the "commercial motivation" out of the threads as there are some dealers who post where they work, and undoubtedly some have generated sales from here. While I am a dealer, I don't solicit business here, but I know some posters who are tangentally involved or influenced by certain segments of the industry who don't make their affiliations clear. This is...
there may be a differance "accurate" and "FR accurate".
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