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You can take the time , spend the extra money , spend for tight QC, and put forth the effort to have good products made in China.....it's just that many companies don't and the reason they are in China in the first place is to get it made cheaper (excuse me, less expensively). People who have moved production over there don't frequently tout "CHINESE CRAFTSMANSHIP" as the reason.
Klipsch is a brand that engenders very polarized views, so it would be safe to say that you may really not like them, yet I'm guessing the thought and hope of a bargain is causing you to consider such a thing. Remember , if you think they sound like cr@p after having them for a while, I doubt you'll say that "they sound bad to me but I got them really cheap!". I can't see how getting a discount on something you may not like is really much of a deal.....spend some...
Being very familiar with the DD series (Velo dealer) and having good experiance with the JLs (though not a dealer for them) and having more than a few friends who have put many ID subs and a number of DIY projects through their paces, I can tell you that while I don't like sacrificing sound quality for quantity, or quantity , in the normal bass ranges, for quantity at mostly the deepest ranges, I can tell you that Chad is a force to be reconed with and the things he was...
Jobs are good, but I would prefer them working for American companies too.
Well, more of the company might be American, that is to say it's profits stay here , it's management may reside here, and the stockholders may be mostly American citizens.Yes, if much of the profits go abroad and the foreign companies still control things here.Forgive me if I am not excited by this prospect.And typically, when they find a problem they don't do much about it anyway, they just cover it up and keep selling because they can't afford to be without product in...
At that price point there are many subs to consider. What are your criteria, habits, and needs?
Even though both are large.... finish and size vs orientation might still also prove to be issues as well.
dtc9.8 and any one of a number of good amps to go with it.
New Posts  All Forums: