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What were they hooked to in the showroom?
new place has lr, dr, open to small foyer and two hallways and there is a cathereral ceiling over half of it - - LOTS OF CUBIC VOLUME.....NEED CONQUEST!!!
There is a small contingent of people content to have a couple of exposed water heater sized subs and speakers with bedliner finish. That's ok, but style, taste, a decent home, and a wife can change priorities and needs.
I dunno, are you old and having that problem? If you are, seek medical help, I only have heard about it on tv, but apparently you aren't alone as they keep advertising the cr@p out of the medicine.
Depends....are you talikng about in-walls for a normal depth wall to fit in an existing stud bay, or speakers that are designed to be "built-in" and flushed (or reccessed) but need special construction?
Is anyone else bothered by the fact that ED is something they keep talking to old men about on tv ?
My wife is actually the wood worker , her grandfather , friends and a lot of OJT rehabbing houses taught her well. We have a lot of tools now from her grandfather, her step-father, and my brother...now all departed, GRTS. SOON, THEY WILL ALL BE IN ONE PLACE MY TWO CAR GARAGE! I am forgoing the priveledge of parking my car in it any longer (wife will still get hers in) so that I can get all my used a/v gear, a test bench, and the tools all nicely laid out with enough space...
But building it right , well braced, and to tight tolerances, is not a simple thing for most people either. Look at the pictures posted for the inside bracing on some of the Epiks as an example. The addition of the SMS-1 is a step in the right direction, now add a servo control and you're in business. Some of the hardest hitting subs I've ever heard have been DIY projects - and I hope that my new woodshop will be together this winter, but for many people time is money, and...
As one who sells room treatments let me say that I greatly prefer passive room treatments to most electronic EQ solutions above the bass regions. This being said, the things that Hifisponge did do to his room ARE the sort of things I think of when talking about basic, room (and wife) friendly initial responses, or treatments, to a room with obvious problems. The brain though , is a remarkable filter and can also help identify speaker characteristics independant of the room...
Well when I knew Chad many years ago from his east coast days, he was the first guy to really show a bunch of us what high SPL 16 hz tones felt like (using a single 15" w/ a 15"pr, I believe) - built in a woodshop where most of the work was for cars, he built the box like it was a toss off project and used a crown amp to drive it, we watched with our jaws agape as stuff started rattleing off the walls from CONSIDERABLE distance in a huge building. Time to buy a Conquest.
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