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Do you want to hear them before you buy them? Compare them alongside of others.
Shipping this month.
How about the phrase "based on my experiance and observations"?
If lowest freq and highest output is less of a concern than music and ability to blend with satelittes, then I suggest a direct listening comparison.
Even the 5's might fit the bill, and the 5LCR's if height isn't an issue....or look at three-ways that are taller ....HMT61's(?)...none of these are that expensive.
My thoughts would be : Too low and better in vertical orientation.Much of the discussion has shifted to the regular B&W owners thread.Try repositioning and play with the port plugs....yes they do have bass, I'd guess as a response to wanting to appeal to four possible scenarios: Systems with no subs... Systems with low power receivers.... Systems for HT... Systems for music with impact.
B&W CT customs of course....the theater we did with them turned out spectacularly.
While I am not a person who hawks expensive cables, and I believe in simple utility, I also believe that we may not be able to measure everything we can hear with respect to audio, and while I believe that this may evidence itself more in terms of complex component differances , as opposed to simple cable , I don't know that we yet know everything to test for, and it could be that simple electrical tests on wire/cable could be , well, too simple. That being said, I do...
Add the Pioneers
New Posts  All Forums: