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Jake,I have sold both speaker lines and lived with the Polks, I can tell you that I have likely heard them in far more differing conditions than you (several set-ups at my home, many differant store set-ups, and many customer homes). Well, it is for ME, but apparently not for YOU. Again, I am not trying to establish my preferance as a fact or proof of anything, I think one would have to listen for themselves, you seem to feel that this is somehow , objectively, not...
Here? frugal people? NO!I ACTUALLY FEEL THAT THEY ARE PROMOTING THESE HIGHER QUALITY CABLES BY THAT STATEMENT.It certainly doesn't garuntee a good a/b test but they used to (and I guess still do) ship, any dealer who asks, one piece of lamp cord and one piece of their normal speaker wire of the same length in a package to be used for customer comparison purposes.
Has anyone ever offered $1mil to get anyone to distinguish between pot roast cooked in a GE oven and one cooked in a Viking range?
Aside from the wood side panels (looks not sound), I don't see how that could be stated as fact. Considering the Polks use a Tweeter sourced from another company and B&W's are propriatery, I don't think that assertion holds water either....having owned LSI's (and enjoyed them) I can say that it is a good implementation of this tweeter but a tad soft , imo (though I do like it).The B&W"s which I don't own , but do sell, seem to me to have a more detailed top end , so it...
If it's sound quality and acoustic music first , and foremost, then I think adding a cheap sub would likely detract from the overall balance and SQ, and therefor I would look at a bigger bookshelf or floorstander of similar quality. However, if you are just looking to be able to switch something on for the odd, bass-laden rock n' roll listening session or movie then there are a lot of subs that can do the trick.
Maybe not, but it competes quite well with most speakers at it's price range.The same could be said as a reason to go with the "tube loaded" nautilus tweet....but you don't listen to a tweeter, you listen to the whole speaker and listening to both would be the way to decide for oneself
I haven't had enough experiance with the 608 & 610's, but they are a big improvement over their previous incarnations..........the smaller the speaker the more the sub will have to do, therefor an SPL1000R or DD10 would be in order, but guessing that this isn't what you want to spend, try the 610, or, if you can stretch, I've had a lot of success with the Velodyne Minivee when used with satelittes, as well as the Era SUB8.
I sell B&W speakers....I also sell many Velodyne subs
Yes and no, I know this biz very well, but no one knows all about how the other guy implements, other than by not possibly having as much a concern about profitability as might a person for whom this is a career, he can afford to do things others may not.I don't know, but the differance is that he could.
I never said I didn't, in fact, there may be no noticable differance between his and some other shops, your "guess" is wrong. It wouldn't have to change, but by not having to worry as much about profitability, it would illiminate one distraction from spending time doing whatever he'd want.It might not, but it could make him LESS likely to dedicate as much space and timer and resources to things that he may believe to have a lower (or slower) ROI. I think most people who...
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