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The biggest problem with sub recommendations is that there are many variables that make a good choice both difficult and personal. Difficulties involved are that they can be painstakingly difficult to set-up properly both in terms of placement, crossover selection, level, and possible EQ interaction (if used). Due to the fact that equipment gets moved so often in a retail environment and that friends and others may not have done set-up properly and that it may take even...
What are you matching it to?
Yeah, that's the sentiment among some I talk to in the industry as well, and while I have heard the Audyssey do so nice things in some moderately bad rooms, sometimes it seems to be sort of overworking the sound. To date, I'm content to try to solve only the low frequency room problems electronically, and try some subtle (and sometimes other not so subtle) passive corrections. I'd like to see these pre-pros and receivers with much better LF room correction and less...
Sorry to but in, however I, and I'd bet many others, would say that they do not compare. The B&K and Arcam behave like straight amps (seperates), while the others choke power by design so they don't blow out on, or near, a dead short.
Allocation of time and resources might need to be made differantly if he had to spend his time more productively.
The answers I get from my reps are "I don't know", when they don't....I'm a dealer and have been very happy with them, but what I can't remember is them ever having a product(s) that have generated this much interest and I'm sure it's difficult for them suddenly being the object of so much focus of attention.
Don't discount the possibility that Integra knows what it is doing (after all, they have a great feature-laden line-up of current products right now), and that it may be saying "it can't do______" just to keep from having to answer 6000 emails and phone calls about when some particular feature or upgrade may become available...... Frankly, it's difficult to keep a secret in this day and age except through obfuscation and disinformation, it may be the only way to...
On the basis of your near completion of Stanford, and the employment opportunities that will surely present themselves to you in the near future, I highly recommend getting yourself into a good solid line of debt now in an effort to front-load the faltering economy and bring yourself the much deserved and just rewards for your toiling in the halls of academia. Come in, fill out that credit application, and avail yourself of a whole new world of high fidelity...
Indeed, he may not be.Agreed, I wish I lived near his store.Actually, it's great for determining the bugs that may be present in new gear...most dealers and their customers don't want to be Guinea Pigs with new product, but there are bleeding edge consumers here.Great advice.Glad to be away from those kind of corporate demands.
A nice dealer would if you are a decent customer, but I'd buy the pair anyway, he may give you a deal that way.... and when you go to sell, it's easier and generally a better ROI when you sell sets of bookshelf speakers.
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