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I agree CAR/ATL looks really bad. I believe it may have just been a typo that it was in HD because according to the maps this game is not HD. Watching WHNS FOX Carolina via Charter.
Hello everyone. This is my first post in this thread. Been here about 3 months now, like it down here, but hate Charter with a passion. Unfortunately I'm stuck with them as I'm on the wrong side of my apartment building for D*. Does anyone know what the plans are for TBS HD with Charter? Any chance at all they'll add it at some point before or during the playoffs, or even put the games on 798? If this has already been addressed, I apologize, but after a quick scan...
Well I don't know you were lookin at man, cause it was most definitely HD.
Big thanks to WRIC for making the most of a bad HD night by switching over to the HD feed of the Okla-A&M at the conclusion of the Tech-MIA game (not in HD). Something like that used to be consistently overlooked. Good job.
We're getting the game here on the Redskins network in Richmond on the ABC affiliate, but for whatever reason they're not passing the HD feed :(
Here's hoping they at least stick to their guns at 9:45 and show Kentucky/UAB on the HD channel opposite of UNC/Murray St on the analog. I'm not too concerned about this game because GMU is the local interest game, so I thought it was odd that they would show the UCONN game in the first place.
I actually wound up going up to the Staples Mill office and requesting an HDMI cable and was told they did not provide them.
Can anyone tell me, does Comcast provide the HDMI cable?
I have a feeling this has been asked and answered, but I couldnt locate a definitive answer in this thread....Can anyone tell me if the DVI port is active on the Moto 6412 now? I definitely remember a time when it was not, but am unclear if that has changed or not. Does anyone know if Richmond has received the "Phase III" rollout as it is referred to in other threads?
The game actually wasn't HD, it was broadcast at 480p as opposed to 720p which is actually true HD. Didn't see it myself, but have had heard from others as well that it looked pretty bad.
New Posts  All Forums: