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Thanks alx and ash_ man. I will check out wdtv and android boxes.
I don't need or want wifi streaming. Just media playback.
Hi guys, What is the best low cost media player today. I am looking for something $50 or below. I tried the Micca Speck and it was just too flaky and the remote was terrible. I just want something that plays all formats, don't need wifi streaming or apps, and don't need Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD. Thanks.
Amazon Instant works perfectly for me over wifi. No judder, buffering, nothing.
Is anybody else bothered by the lack of fast forward or rewind capability when playing your media files through Plex or LG DLNA client? I don't see any way to do this. It only has play, pause, and stop, which kind of makes it very user unfriendly.
Use Harmony. It will give you full functionality.
I think you'll find that flashlight is pretty much in all edge lit LEDs. That being said, I think most reviews have skewed toward the LG for better black level and passive 3d if that's important to you. For what it's worth, according to pcmag survey of 2011, LG was the most reliable brand. Samsung I believe is near the bottom. Most samsung products tend to be at the bottom of the list in terms of reliability (smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.)
I also just bought the LG 47LM7600 and was considering the Samsung ES6500 also. But basically the black level on the LG did it for me. The black level on the Samsung was noticeably worse no matter what I tried. It's otherwise a nice TV, but the black level was not good at all for me.
Powerswitch, if you go to Paul's TV website, you will see that it's No Tax weekend. I called them up and they verified that they will not charge tax. Plus they will price match alltimetvs. So it was pretty painless. I was debating between this TV, and the Panasonic WT50 that you mentioned. But after reading all the reviews, it seems that the LG 76 series has better blacks than the Panny WT, so that made the decision for me. Plus free 6 pair of glasses as a bonus too,...
Paul's TV will pricematch alltimetvs with no problems. Plus no tax this weekend at Pauls. I was able to get the LG 47LM7600 for $905 + $5 california recycling.
New Posts  All Forums: