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My wall is off-white color, so it is not suitable for projecting. Also there's a little bit of texture as well. I do like the pop offered by the high power screen. The blacks, though elevated as they may be, are sufficiently deep enough for me to be satisfying. Next time I might choose a different screen. The THX mode, after calibrating for brightness/contrast, seems a little bit too green for me. Everything has a green tint to it. I don't have the Disney WOW BD. I...
^ Paradigm - please do post what you have. I'd be curious to try your settings too. Thanks.
Paradigm - sorry, that post was for 1080UB, not 8700UB. But it definitely made an improvement for me. I also can't find 8700UB calibration settings. If anybody has 8700UB settings, please post just to give us some rough guidance. Thanks.
Paradigm, here is the link.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...0#post16081100 By the way, does anybody know the difference between THX mode and Theater mode? In THX mode, you cannot select color temperature and skin tone. So I used Theater mode...
Well today I received my second brand new replacement from Epson. Their service is fantastic! This one is the best yet. The color uniformity is much less than before and is almost perfect. It's not perfect with all white field but pretty good. Convergence is better than my last two and the picture is sharper now. I think I'll keep this one. Thanks to everybody for advice and I'm glad my perseverance paid off. By the way since I don't have any calibration tools, I copied...
Hi bouchardino, hyper_eye, what settings on the 8700UB did you use? do you mind sharing with me, since you two have the two perfect color units? I have Dalite Hi-Power 2.8 screen. The 8700UB is high shelf mounted. I'm using the following setting: THX mode brightness -11 contrast +11 color 0 tint 0 auto-iris off lamp mode ECO HDMI range Expanded Super Resolution +1 I think that's about it. If you guys don't mind, please post. Or send me a private...
Thanks bouchardino. I just called Epson and explained the situation with my replacement unit. They are going to ship me another new one next week. I am hoping the 3rd time is the charm. What are the chances of me getting one with no discoloration? Not sure if the odds are in my favor. I wish that there's a poll of all the 8700UB owners to see who has the perfect color uniformity? I'm willing that bet that number to be pretty small.
I found out my new unit has a slight magenta tint along the right side and green on left. When I use theater black 2 mode, it looks more white but the magenta is more apparent. THX mode is greener. I don't know if this is normal.
Thanks. If you put up a 100% white field, is your screen now completely white, with no hint whatsoever of yellow/green/etc.? If so, then that's what I want! I'm kind of afraid that the next one will be worse, and since my current one has silent auto-Iris and pretty good convergence, I'm kind of not sure whether I should send it back. But I would send it back, if I could get one with no uniformity issue, if such a thing exists. From what you told me, it did.
I only use PS3 as my only source. Playing the all white field test pattern. The entire screen is not uniformly white. There are hints of yellow or light green here and there. Better than my last unit but still not perfect. Does yours have perfectly uniform white?
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