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Thanks coderguy. I don't have a meter or an accurate display. My problem is the screen uniformity. When I say I get yellow/green tint on white screen, I mean it's only on certain places in the screen like the right side or the top 5 inches. It's not the whole entire screen that is tinted. The entire white screen is not one uniform color. Will calibration still fix this?
I know this poll is for the 8350, but I have the 8700UB and I think their auto-iris feature works the same way. My first 8700UB was extremely noticeable, to the point of being distracting. I sent one back to Epson for a different reason and got a replacement today. This new one is 99% silent. My ear practically has to be touching the projector to hear the auto-iris sound at all. But it is there. From one foot away, it is 100% silent. So the lesson is there is a big...
Well got my brand new replacement unit tonight. This unit is definitely better than my first one. The yellow/green tint is less than before, it's still there and is noticeable on all white field. I guess that may just be the nature of LCD and I'm not sure I can ever get one without any tint. But the big surprise to me was the convergence. On this unit it was much better than before. Another thing also, this unit's iris was almost completely silent. At first I...
Yeah I just want white to be white. It's so distracting watching scenes of blue skies or clouds or snow. I havent even tried a black and white movie yet Hopefully the new one will be better.
Thanks. I called Epson today and was able to get them to agree to ship out a brand new one for me even though it's passed the 30-day grace period. I hope this one will be better than my current one. The yellow tint is bugging me, especially in scenes of snow or clouds. It's never truly white in the middle of the screen.
What did you tell them the problem was when you called? Will they understand what convergence error means? On my 8700UB, the convergence on the left side of the screen is off by quite a bit. And will they send me a new one or refurbished? Mine is only about 1.5 month old, 100 hours so far.
I also have slight yellow/green at the bottom corner of the screen. It can only be seen on an all white image like you said, or movie scenes of snow. I just try to ignore it as it is not visible most of the time. But wondering if I should try to get another one with better convergence.
I never had a problem with my setup with PS3 and Denon receiver. HDMI always works for me.
You're right. It's not the lens shift. Oh well. I think it's just my unit. I can't see it with real video material though, just test patterns and text. Not sure if I should keep it or play the RMA lottery and try to get a replacement.
Hi guys, Is the convergence issue on the 8700UB or any other 3LCD projectors a function of lens shift? I have to use horizontal lens shift to shift my picture to the left. I noticed that the convergence on the left side of the screen is much worse than the convergence on the right. Or do I just have a bad unit? What do you guys think?
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