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Quote: If the player is optimized to reveal more details than are really there Isn't this a good thing?
If macroblocking is the result of insufficient bit rate, how is this the fault of the player?
leedees, Yes, you're right. Even with the problems I have with the Z2, I'm still recommending it for anyone looking for an LCD FP. My goal was not to discourage anybody from buying one. It's still a great projector for the money and I still can't believe the pictures I'm getting out of it sometimes.
Steven, I sit about 14' away, and SDE is noticeable on some bright scenes, but not to the point of being distracting. Contrast is generally good, but black could be blacker. I have to leave the iris fully open because of the color uniformity problem. Closing the iris improves the blacks, but it makes the color uniformity more obvious. Haven't tried HD yet. Good news is I don't have VB, not yet anyway. Tom, one thing I noticed with my Z2 is that the color...
installer08, Thanks for your analysis. I have a Dalite Hi Power screen and it shows a slight bluish tint on the left, slight yellow/green on the right. This is most obvious on light-colored scenes, such as light blue. A black and white movie is the easiest way to see it. It's never perfectly black, white, or gray.
gav28, I sent mine into Sanyo and they said that it was within normal tolerance. I think they quoted it as 85%. They even said that they had 3 other Z2 there and mine was the best! Needless to say, they didn't do a thing to it. This problem is most obvious on black and white movies, although it can show up in color scenes as well. Since I do watch a good number of B&W films, it's quite a problem for me. I guess not many Z2 owners watch B&W movies...
The dealer (theprojectedimage) I bought it from told me to send it into Sanyo. So that's what I did. The funny thing is, it's not that noticeable when the iris is fully open. But when I close it, it's very obvious. I'm surprised that no other Z2 owners have this problem.
Okay now I've got my Dalite Model B High-Power screen up. The color uniformity problem is still there. I've pinpointed the problem to where it happens when the aperture setting is closed or near minimum. If I turn the aperture setting to maximum, the problem is diminished. It's still there, but very slight. As the aperture gets smaller the color shift is more obvious. The left side becomes blue-tinted and the right becomes more yellow. Has any Z2 owners experience...
Yes, my wall is one uniform color, off-white. The funny thing is, I didn't have this problem when I had the Infocus X1. So I wonder if this is a common problem with Z2, or LCD projectors in general?
I'm a new owner of a Z2 (about 10+ hours). Currently I'm projecting 106" diagonal picture onto my slightly-textured off-white wall, waiting for my screen to arrive (thanks Jason!). I noticed that on some material, certain parts of the picture has different color tints to them. For example, the left side tends to be more bluish, and center more yellowish. This shows up clearly on black and white movies. Could this be a problem with my Z2? Or is it that I'm projecting...
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