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I am also using Serviio and have no issues playing back files, I find that only MKV files have an issue with fast forward and rewind on the TV. I usually just convert them to mp4 with Handbrake and they play fine from that point.
25 is on the loud side for me when watching the built in Netflix or Youtube app. Might be your Direct TV that needs turning up?
TV seems fine to me volume wise, I use the dialog enhance and the surround off and have it at about 25 for normal watching.
I just updated to it, everything seems fine don't notice any differences apart from the new Black Level option that I can't actually pick.
For all you LC-60LE640U owners there is a new firmware for the TV out today. This firmware improves the performance of DLNA playback, as well as contains improvements to the menu and Demo mode settings This firmware also contains all previous fixes and enhancements. Version: 217U1205161 Date: 7/30/2012 Just updated it noticed a new option in the picture settings called Black Level, unfortunately though it seems to be grayed out.
I emailed Sharp and the told me to unplug the set and plug it back in again. I have started using Netflix on the PS3 instead. Maybe they will fix it in a firmware update in the future who knows.
That happens to me every 2nd day, I was assuming this was a security thing by design. I emailed Sharp about it but no reply.
I just bought the new "The Doors" Blu-ray it has a sweet DTS HD MA trailer before the movie.
Thanks for the news Volley that is awesome
Looks and sounds great I have sent you another PM to discuss a custom one if thats cool
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