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Ah, finally things are happening
I also sell my blood. Due to a dog bite, I've had rabies shots too. I get extra money for that.
I obtain my stuff with a little bit of American know how & being clever. I go to various local hifi society meeting, I talk/listen to everyone there, figure out who has the gear I like, then go steal it from their house. I am socially conscious though, I only steal stuff from rich guys houses. The most amazing thing is they view as a chance to upgrade their system at the insurance companies cost. Boy. I sure love the wealthy.
Look at it this way, if Theta did everything the way people on this thread wanted, 2/3 of this thread would not exist. A lot of folks here would lose the reason they like to post about it. BTW, if a long term CB owner like myself, its always been how Theta is so what do you expect??? Besides, follow Theta owners, when did the white label on the box ever matched the inside? From what I can tell, he has no HDMI or DACS.
The 4k is on the wait list till the new models come out. Just looking for a non-4k led in the meantime. The budget is around $2k.
Couldn't he buy a 90# bag of rice at Costco, but the CBIV in a box, dump all the rice around it? 8 weeks ago, one of my Great Pyrenees had an accident while snoozing on the sofa with me, she's almost 14, #150 of love, god bless her. Anyways I went to pull the waterproof sofa cover off (Mama didn't raise a fool), but in my hustle to clean up the mess, forgot all my remotes were tangled up in it, went thru the wash cycle, did the same when I drop my ipod in the hot tub (2nd...
I've been seriously looking at the various 4K sets out there, primarily Sony & Samsung but am waiting till the next generation or new models arrive before pulling the trigger. But in the meantime, am also looking for a 60-65 inch led set, more or less to use till the new models appear. My budget is around $2000. I already have a Sony HX929 in the bedroom, which I'm happy with. But whenever I'm in the local big box store, I can't help but make mental comparisons between a...
So only BigBrother out in the field has one or at least a water soaked one?
I have my order in too. I thought this thread would be boiling over with all the results flying back and forth over the upgrade??
Actually I've seen a couple of articles on people that somehow managed to squeeze a 911 engine into a Cayman and Boxsters, not an easy thing to do, but is doable. Also another nice thing about the autobahns, is the road quality itself
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