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I am going to write a full review soon on the:SP-BS22-LR (2nd generation)SP-BS21-LR (1st GenerationSP-BS41-LR (Larger 1st generation BS22 replaces both the BS21 and the BS41)SP-C21 (Center Channel 1st Generation)(I own all of these, so I can only comment on these)(I want to do more listening tests, so my comments are still preliminary)But, my opinion is that the BS22 is better than the SP-BS21, but the BS21 is still a good speaker.I second this:The BS21's are the weakest...
Brian,Specifically, what Tweeters and Woofers did you use for the modifications? I would be interested in playing with that also.Thanks!
I do not have the newer sc-c22, but I do have 2 of the older model, sc-c21, and they are AWESOME as a Left and Right channel speaker.
The tri-lateral commission likes these speakers! WOW!
Fry's has the Pioneer SP-C21 Center Channel Speaker for 59.99 http://www.frys.com/ads/page19#AdNavi Limit one (or so they say!) Let's just say that I got "more than one!"
I am going to DARE to post this! If I were in the market today for a good speaker system, I would at least consider the Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers, along with a good Amp/receiver. What I would do, is buy the system at a Brick and Mortar store (best buy), save the receipt, and break them in for 50-100 hours of playing, then honestly evaluate them. (They do need a break in period, my opinion) The Pioneer's do not look ultra "high end" like the Martin Logan's you...
I realize that this thread is over a year old, and you did reference trying different power supplies.I just wanted to expand upon your comment for anyone else reading this thread."They say" that replacing the default power supply of the Lepai 2020+ with a larger power supply, say a 12V 6A power supply, will really help bring out the music in the Lepai.
Thanks, I have purchased a few of the Dayton B652 speakers, matter of fact, I just found out that one of my B652's was defective, and Parts Express is sending me a replacement set.(Parts Express had a bad batch in mid 2012 to early 2013)I was wondering if anyone had replaced their higher end (read - more expensive) speakers with any of the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer Speakers.
I have been reading so much about these speakers, and own the "last year's version" SP-bs21 (how could I resist when they were on sale for 39.99!) Did you do a comparison? What did you switch from? I would be interested in hearing about anyone's experiences in "downgrading and upgrading" at the same time!
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