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Does anyone know the remote code for this TV for my Denon AVR-791 receiver? I haven't been able to make it work with my receiver remote.Thanks.
Does anyone know the remote code for this for my Denon receiver?
Just picked up this set yesterday and love it out of the box. Speaking of box, it says 240 motion flow but I thought it was a 120hz set? Can anyone set me straight?
My dealer just swapped a 60PA6500 for a 60PN6500 after 2 months with the PA due to a vertical blue line appearing without any sources plugged into the TV. This is in no way a review as I have not yet calibrated the PN but the TV's are similar in many ways. The screens on both sets glare quite a bit so a light controlled room is a good idea. Subjectively the colors look punchier on the PN but without both sets to A/B compare it is difficult. The mounting swivel is a...
I think the PN series is newer as I just swapped my 2 month old 60pa6500 for one due to a vertical blue line on the screen.
I decided to buy an Epson 8350 instead of replacing the lamp. My lampless Mits HD1000 is on eBay for $300 less shipping in case anyone is interested. I noticed there are lamps for it for $100 on eBay.
Thank you for the heads up. Looks like I will splurge for a new lamp off eBay for $125 shipped. This one was starting to dim anyway. I wanted a new projector but only watch sports and the odd Blu-Ray on it so will not drop the extra coin for now.
My projector turned itself of after a year of flashing 'replace lamp'. I tried holding and power but the status light won't stay green and it won't power up. Power light just keeps flashing green and red. Is this just the bulb or a problem with the projector itself? Would like to know so I don't order a new lamp for nothing. Thanks.
I am reading the PDS for the Studio v.4 and it says Studio 20 ±2 dB from 54 Hz - 22 kHz, Studio 40 ±2 dB from 62 Hz - 22 kHz (on axis). Is this a mistake and maybe should be reversed? Reason I ask is because I am trying to pick a frequency cut-off for my 20's / sub. I was thinking that since my Studio 20 v.4's are bi-amped and clean quite low that my lower end Energy EW-100 might tighten up if I give it a narrower range to cover than the usual 80Hz cut-off. Thanks.
You should have ripped all your LP's as .flac files using EAC software at 96KHz if you wanted 'quality'. You may want to check into the quality of these.
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