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Borg, VOOM service would definitely be nice to have, but I wouldn't switch until they had local channels. I asked about their receiver and they said that even their integrated OTA tuner only picks up digital channels, not analog ones. That wouldn't work for us. akshark, I haven't had any trouble with the local channels provided by Dish. I just wish they came in clearer.
Oh, by the way, if you haven't already been there, titantv.com is a great tv guide site and there is a section which shows tentative dates for when local stations will broadcast digitally - no clue to its accuracy. It is under Command Center -> DTV/HDTV Tools -> Digital Stations Coming Soon. Right now, FOX is the closest date at 9/1/04
Greetings. It is great to see a few others interested in HD up here. It is quite the bummer that there is such a lack of HD content for us. I am picking up the KYES-DT channel off of a Dish 811 receiver - it is a great demo channel, but I don't watch too much of the content. I can also pickup a digital station from KDMD-33, but all of content is SD. I've been trying to pick up Dish's HD content off of the 110 satellite with a standard size dish... but to no...
What about a KVM type switch? There is one at cablestogo.com (The forum won't let me post a link to it yet) cablestogo.com/product.asp?cat%5Fid=507&sku=32561 I have a Samsung HLN5065W with 3 DVI devices: Bravo D1, Dish 811, and an HTPC. Will a switch made for computers work? It's less pricy than the Pacfic Cable one.
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