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Speaking of dads, that's my main reason to get another projector. My dad wants to put together a HT room. I'm going to give him mine so I can upgrade. I'd also I'd like a slightly brighter projector for parties. My L500u is amazing for movies, but needs the room lights off. I have about 1200 hrs on the lamp, btw.Right now I'm leaning towards the Panasonic PT-AX200U just because I've been happy with my L500u and it seems to get great reviews. The Acer H5360 looks good, and...
You are correct. My PT500 is just 720p and not overly bright. Thanks for the options. I'll have to read up on them, especially the Optoma HD66 which is a killer $699 right now. Any thoughts on how they compare to the Panasonic PT-AX200U? Its a few generations newer than my 500u and discounted to $1000 now.
No word when the Velodyne DLS-4000R will be in, so those might not work for my timing. I'd like to place the order soon. Here's what they have in stock to choose from: Polk Audio PSW125 Velodyne Impact-12 Boston Acoustics CPS 12Wi A bit higher priced, but under $600: Sunfire SDS12 Polk Audio DSW Pro 660wi Thanks for your help.
I had my eye on that one. Only bad thing is its not in stock yet. Any thoughts on the Boston Acoustics CPS 12Wi? Boston makes great car audio sub and amps.
I have a Panasonic PT-L500U and am looking to upgrade for HDMI. The HT room is mostly dark, but we do sometimes have dim cans on for parties. The placement can be adjusted but ideally the throw is around 12' for a 96" screen. I'd like to have just as good of PQ as my PT-L500U, but with HDMI. I'd like to stay at/under $1000 if possible. Suggestions??
I'm looking to get a another sub. I currently have an Energy AS90. Its a 12" sub and surprisingly only rated @ 90w (360 peak). I have a dedicated 14 x 18 HT room, Energy 6" bookshelf speakers with matching center all fed by a new Pioneer 130w x 5 receiver. The system sounds great. I have a store credit at OneCall and would like to either upgrade my sub or get a similar quality sub for another room in house. I don't like unnatural boom. The AS90 was designed in the early...
Thanks. Perhaps the exclamation mark was a bit much (hair is still intact). I searched and didn't find much so I just called Sony -- first the Sony Style Store then Playstation CS. Both seemed to think the function was gone. I asked if there was setting to correct this and they said no... I'll give it a try.
With the 3.10 firmware update while playing music you cannot access the XMB bar -- no photos/slideshows, internet browsing, etc. You have to first close the music browser. I called customer support and they were surprised. They tested their PS3 and confirmed the same. It was the first anyone there heard of this. They said hopefully 3.11 would be out soon. It wasn't a hugely used feature, but nice during the holidays with family visiting for background AV! Anyway to...
Good point. I prefer a natural sound over a proceed one. On most TVs I turn the sound enhancements off. As a test, I hooked up an Energy 8" active sub from another room. It just sounded boomy (placement was in the corner so that didn't help). At the point it sounded natural you could hardly hear it anyway. Maybe just a good center channel (with real drivers/cabinet) with a small amp would do the trick.
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