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This happens to me as well. It sounds like this is a problem common when using the OTA tuner. I have posted several comments about this since getting my 5020 on 11/20/08. I might call pioneer and see if there is some fix in the works. I think we might have to live with this one. I've tried several antennas and it seems that the problem is not as frequent with the better ones but this may just be anecdotal. Good luck.
2 questions about Control-Cal; 1.Is it free? 2. Is it difficult to install/use? Thanks.
How would you suggest I connect my tv's speaker to be used as the center channel in my reciever set-up? My concern is that the reciever only has connections for one speaker but the speaker bar on the pioneer is actually two, pig-tailing the leads to join them into a mono situation is not a good idea is it? Thanks.
I Just completed the 150 hrs of exciting break-in DVD viewing. Now when I use D-Nice's reference movie settings, the panel looks noticeably better than before the break-in. Would you guys suggest changing any settings with Control-Cal? Thanks.
I just picked up a Kuro, but my bud at the office needs a 37" tv for a fairly bright viewing area. He watches sports mostly. He asked me for some reccomendations but, Im not farmiliar with that size TV. Thanks.
Thanks man, this is what I have noticed. I bought a new antenna which is much more expensive and provides a better signal, so far I think it has helped but it did re-boot once since this upgrade. I will have to keep an eye on this, If you hear anything from pioneer please let me know, Thanks. J
I just came from a 92" optoma 720p rig which I loved. (My ex got it in the settlement), The projector and my 5020 are so different. Go back and watch the same movies you played on your pj on the 5020. You will be amazed at the things you can see in the background that were not possible with the pj. 1080p plasma is a whole new world of realism, however if I had the room I would not hesitate to get the latest and greatest projector. There just is nothing like 92" or...
I just went down that same exact road. I was dead set on the 850, the whites seem soo much brighter and more vivid than the plasma, however once I brought my 5020 home, I realized that this set is not only plenty bright, its colors are soo deep its real. Black is black. My screen is perfect with no wierd flashlighting or clouding. There is no input lag. The one problem area is that the unit produces a slight buzz when in the high power mode. It can be heard during...
My antenna actually has the UHF disc part along w/ the ears, however I bet you are correct. I'm going to buy the RS 1892 UFO today and compare. Thanks.
I had best buy match amazons current price for my Kuro 5020. I had to pay tax though, however, I got 36 month interest free. Be sure to print it out. Also, check out Sams and costcos prices, BB will match those for sure, and you get free loans.
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