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Hi all, I just picked up a gently used MMF 2.1 this evening and i've noticed that when i push up the tonearm lift it barely (and sometimes not quite) clears the vinyl. is there an adjustment that isn't listed in the manual for lifting the tonearm a bit more? thanks! Chris
I'm slowly backing up a lot of the recorded movies on my Tivo Series 3. I am able to use mpeg streamclip to first demux the mpeg's ac3 5.1 stream. after working on the video i use mkvmerge to add the ac3 audio back to the video file. if i use media inspector on that mkv it shows the video info as well as 5.1 channel ac3. the problem i'm having is with playback on the WDTV. when playing the audio comes through as 2 channel pcm! other files i've downloaded or backed up...
1080p24 is now working like a charm for every file i've created! hooray updates!
the experimental 1080p23 setting is doing the same for me as it is with most apparently. setting the tv's resolution to 480i when playing back 23.976 files on the 1080p24 setting i'm still getting stuttering video. boo!!!! i must say though the subs are dramatically imporved!
1080p24 and subs need to be addressed. these (at least for me) seem to be the most glaring bugs!
the fact that 1080p24 still isn't working is a bummer. i downloaded the new FW this morning after reading the list of fixes and was excited to see that 24fps was listed as a fix. sadly that wasn't the case hopefully they can tackle that issue soon. that's the one real issue i have with the player so far.
downloaded and installed the new firmware this morning and as others have reported 1080p24 is not fixed. there is still a lot of seemingly random stuttering throughout playback. this goes for mkv, mp4, and m4v files. i was really hoping this would have been fixed. especially since is it listed as one of the bug fixes
Glen did you update the FW? i noticed a huge imporvement in shadow detail after doing the last updates.
hitting menu a few times while the disc icon is spinning and there's a black screen does jump to the menu for me on KB V1 & V2. after that both discs playback in 1080p24 just fine with no missing frames or judder on my setup.
on top of the colorspace/black level fix. i've checked all of my studio canal HD DVD's and the menus no longer lag or get stuck on the screen. (still no 1080p24 for studio canal titles though) so far i have to say this update is tremendous!
New Posts  All Forums: