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To fill in some of the blanks I'm going with an Sony VPL-VW85 projector, with a room with a decent amount of ambient light. Because of that I was thinking a high contrast grey screen would be the way to go.
Getting back into the Front Projector lifestyle, but I'm faced with the following issue: I was thinking of picking out a screen 72"-96" from Amazon or Monoprice. It needs to sit in from of my 50" plasma by about 12" from the wall. It is very difficult for me to tell if most if not all manual pull down projector screens are compatible with the Da-Lite Extension brackets, or if most aren't. I'm not tied to any of these products. I'm just looking for the best solution...
Just got a ln40c670, what is the difference between the different types of panels. I looked through several pages of posts, but could not determine if one is better than another.
It doesn't look like I'm going to have a chance to purchase the HD version of this channel in Evanston, IL. Oh well, Comcast missed a chance to take a little more of my money.
It sounds like it is time for a truck roll. I've googled quite a bit on this issue. It sounds like Comcast will often blame wiring within you home, but the problem is actually the old infrastructure of their system outside your home. BTW, now I'm lucky to get the pixelation. Now I just get the black screen.If anyone has success with a tech in fixing the problem besides radio please post here or PM me. That way I can point the tech in the right direction.
I can no longer get WGN or ABC HD channels due to heavy pixelation, I'm in Evanston. Anyone else had this issue and found the solution?
Alright I think I'm suffering from information overload. I have a PC up and running with Vista 32-bit, with the TV pack, and HDhomerun, a DVD drive, and tons of Hard Drive space. I want to back up my DVD's to an external Hard Drive to play on this PC. I noticed the software section of the guide is blank. My specs are e7200 processor, 2 gigs of ram, and a 9600gt. I just need a recommendation on some software that would back up and then play these DVDs once they are...
A certain Egg site has HD280's for around the century mark, my BF order for the HD555's was delayed which where priced $30 less than the century mark. I'm looking to pick up a nice pair of head phones for PC gaming. Any recommendations on which would be better suited for gaming? I can cancel my BF order if necessary due to the delay. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to headphones. Although I picked up SENNHEISER PX100's for my MP3 player and love them. I was...
Bought some used RF-3's that of course don't have the grilles. Is there some web site that specializes in replacements?
At this pace we might see a 720p 42" set on BF for $500, and a 1080p set for $600.
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