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http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/cus...ndex=0#gallery Check this out.
I'm in Chicago and I'm getting the 50" soon. I'm debating if I should test it out. Because I ordered from Amazon who doesn't accept returns once I sign for it from the delivery company. I'm think as long as the temp is above 32 I'm going to test it out.
I have to admit not too long ago I was debating on buying a unit off craigslist, but so many people seemed like they were trying to scam. In the end I bought from a known online retailer. I just couldn't stomach the possibility of being out $1k+. I truly feel bad for this individual.
Thanks for the tip on Vanns, they also included a free remote worth $100. Not a bad deal.
Your post give the perfect example of why resolution is not everything. So many times people get hung up on is a TV 1080p or not. They should be worried about the overall picture (which part of it is resolution). I personally think you're making the right choice. You won't have 1080p, but for most HD content available you'll get a better overall picture.
I want to thank all those members who have posted their experiences with this TV. It is interesting to see the different responses to what is same product. To me the value of this TV is outstanding and the quality is average. I'm not trying to discuss prices as that would be against the rules, but what is the next closest 47" LCD with 1080p at the price Costco is offering it at. The only other TV's are going to be other ones with their own issues. To me the telling...
The one item in the manual I was curious about was the weight. It estimates the weight as 185lbs which is about 100lbs more than a 50" plasma. When compared to a 60" Sony DLP which weighs 102 lbs it just doesn't make sense. I wonder if the weight given in the manual includes the packing material. Any explanations would be appreciated.
I've got the following set up. I'm debating on upgrading my receiving to this model. If anyone has done this was there a difference in the sound quality. Thanks in advance. Onkyo HT-R510, 2 Athena AS-F1, Athena AS-C1, 2 Polk R50, Velodyne DPS-12,
Nope I get nothing. DOA! At least amazon doesn't charge for shipping on a defective product.
I was all ready to use my 97 that I just received today. I plug it in, NO POWER!!! The unit doesn't even turn on! Is there anything worse that anticipating something and it totally letting you down . Well time to return it.
New Posts  All Forums: