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This was a price mistake possibly made online. So the deal is over, which should avoid this thread being locked. I ordered one (DPS-12). I'm a little afraid it will be a little much for my 15x13 room. I'm going to unbox it, then try it out. I can return it to CC within 30 days, or maybe I'll sell it for what I paid;) .
Mandarax, before I deliver the paypal funds I just want to make sure you are still selling the 4805 mounts. You can just post on here. I'm ready to order though. So just let me know.
I fixed my DVI issue I posted earlier by researching some on the HDTV hardware thread. I found the thread dedicated to my HD-DVR provided by comcast. They had info on how to find a sort of hidden menu (you actually have to power down the unit to get to it). I also used the 4805 by Ja Phule to calibrate by DVI colors a little better. I actually am able to hook up both the component and DVI connection because my cable box allows both to be connected at the same time. So...
I got the m1->DVI cable to run from my HD-DVR cable to my 4805. Now when I watch HDTV the picture no longer takes up the entire frame. Instead black bars on are on top and bottom. This wasn't the case when I was using the component input connections. Any ideas? I'm sure it is a simple answer, thanks in advance. BTW, if I use the letterbox ratio from the menu it fills the entire frame again.
I actually just got my 4805. I'm going to hang with it until the bulb goes. Then it will be time to upgrade. If I had a bigger budget I probably would have bought something different. I would love to see how nice those projectors are if they are considered an upgrade to the 4805.
Based on my observation of HDTV which broadcasts in both 720p and 1080i I think the 4805 does a pretty good job. Please also realize that there are other factors to consider such as contrast and light control that you'll want to consider. Resolution is a consideration, but IMO many put to much weight on that variable.
Quote: Originally Posted by 2manyDVDs I have a Comcast HD box (Motorolla 6412) and I can't say I see any difference in quality between the broadcast signal (1080i over 25' componant cable) and good quality DVD (OPPO player 480p over 25' DVI cable). They both look great of course. Since the 4805 is downconverting the 1080 signal I would expect it to match a similar quality 480p signal, and to my eyes, it does. {going OT a bit} Before the 4805 I did all...
Yesterday I had Comcast out to deliver a HD receiver/DVR. I fired up my 4805 immediately. All I can say is WOW! I was amazed by the picture. I'm lucky enough to have a very strong cable signal so the HDTV is brilliant! In fact I watched sports center last night in HD, then my wife wanted to watch Star Wars I on DVD. When I watched to DVD I couldn't help but think how inferior the picture looks. I probably won't be posting here much anytime soon because I'll be...
IMO projectors are for people who like to be able to upgrade their set ups over time. Plasma's are for people that like to buy something and be done with it as far as upgrades go. BTW by upgrade I mean the screen, the filter, etc....
Sounds like a wife, not a college roommate to me. :rolleyes:
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