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Cool. I figured that's what you were up to.
Saw your photos in the show me thread, Curious (and apologies, to lazy to read your whole thread), what's that monitor on your front wall for?
I recommend: - a hard edge on those outside vertical corners. - A track in the inside corner - hard to describe but the upper corner that goes around your soffit causes an inside corner in the plane of the fabric. Those are hard to do, a little worse with bevel track. Best to have a splice there when you can to avoid it. The anchorage has a little stretch but you have to cut the fabric right up to that corner and they are hard to do, easy to mess up, and prone to a bad...
Digital Projection Highlite series. 330w or 660w bulb models.
You don't need a gap for the firring strips. Only the track. Won't hurt to have it, but it's not required. You may want to give the firring strip perimeter a touch of color so you can't see them through the gap that the fabric track needs.
4-6" is too far apart. Follow FM instructions.
Do not butt it against anything. Follow FabricMate's instructions. Allow 1/16" between jaws and anything else. The jaw needs room to open. This is very important on square profiles, the 1/2" beveled profile (that I think you are using) is not as sensitive to it, but it, too works better with a gap. Without it, the other part of the profile has to take 100% of the flex for the tooling and fabric.
I recommend staples. Call me if you need help.
Practice working with fabricmate track. A power miter saw is best to cut it and get good corners. I don't see a schedule for it in your list. Can be time consuming except for basic rectangular areas aren't bad.
Recommend, install fabric track before Quest. You want to minimize blowing that insulation around, especially with airgun poofs. It is not the itch friendly stuff you get at Home Depot. Either turn off HVAC in room, or if that is not practical, add additional filters to intake/retrun air vent. Minimize spread or infiltration of fiberglass until you can clean and vacuum after installation. Use drywall bags in shop vac. I find that a long serrated blade kitchen knife...
New Posts  All Forums: