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We picked up the LG 55LV4400 on Black friday yesterday. I ran the AVC HD disk to calibrate the set and so far really enjoy the PQ. The one downside is ive noticed the speakers are horrible. Ive never head speakers that sound so bad out of a tv. No doubt a home theater system is a must with this TV. I was also consused for some time by the menu. I was using the quick menu button and not the home button. So it took some time to find where I could adjust the picture. Here...
Wow I'm watching Zucher on Charlie Rose right now and man this guy should be fired!!
Deal alert on the 42inch SVT. Check slickdeals for more info.
Oh don't get me started on Star Wars! Many of us star wars nuts consider Timothy Zahn's trilogy referred to often as the "Thrawn trilogy" as the true 7,8,9. The thing you have to remember about these and most Expanded Universe books is that they were written before the new prequels had came out. So many things about Lukes family isn't talked about until more recent books have came out.
I just want to be clear that I'm not trying to run people off. I'm glad we have so many new members to AVS and this thread. It's just frustrating to see the same question asked over and over again. We want to help and it's fine to ask questions, but there is tons of info in this and other threads. I kust wish new members would just read at least part of them before posting instead of just hitting "last page".
Well you found the answer using the search tool like I suggested good. WTF next time do a search on your own post please! Here are some examples of posts on the subject. On 10-2-08Ok so to be clear DD5.1 for most devices is good to go from HDMI to optical. The Xbox 360 on games seems to have some issues with DD5.1 from HDMI. This set also does not pass on DTS and you will need to set devices to PCM or other settings to get 5.1.
OK new guys I'm glad your enjoying your new TV but please use the F****** thread SEARCH feature!!! This has all been covered in the over 70 pages of discussion. We all love to help but when you guys refuse to make a effort to find the answer many of us won't make a effort to help. We have posted several pages of posts on our DD optical testing alone.
Well I got to say I love my LCD SVT but it can't compare to just about any plasma on viewing angles. My dad has a Vizio plasma and we sometimes might be in his kitchen that results in us having a bad angle and the TV still looks great. My SVT or any LCD for that matter just can't offer the angles a plasma does.
Urlacher5454 I'm feeling for ya man, because I know you've worked real hard to get into this deal. When these things get on slickdeals and what not they go super fast. All I can suggest is to try to talk to some managment about giving you the old price since they were sold out. I'm sure you've already thought of this but it's worth a shot. You might also be able to buy a returned SVT. I'm sure many people like myself took there 42inch and paid the one dollar to get the...
I think only the 55inch is LED, but at least it's clear why we had these specials. Retailers are clearing out some stock to make room for the new SVT line this summer.
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