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Subscribed. Nice list of material. I like the inclusion of more music as well.
I do not remember seeing that post, thank you. I believe that does help but will find out for sure when I have a quiet house to measure some more.Thanks Markus, that graph does help illustrate what you and others have been trying to help me understand.I definitely have a lot to learn with all of this.
Thanks. Might be a couple of days before I have a quiet house again to measure. I will report back with my results.
I really appreciate your help. Sorry for the newbie question, but would I lower the XO point or raise it? And which crossover - for the center? I'm anxious to learn.Thanks
This is with Audyssey on, Dynamic EQ off, and all channels driven:
OK, I re-ran Audyssey with the newer mic (I realized I had received a replacement mic a while back and hadn't used it.My center measured at 50hz, which i raised to 80hz.Then I did the three measurements again and came up with this graph:Red = center channelGreen = subBlue = center + subHopefully this one looks better. I'm still learning how to read these graphs.Edit: I did notice an improvement in the Audyssey calibration after using the replacement mic. It sounds...
Same brand - both Onkyo's. I'll double check but they both look like the same mic.
Yes I do have the boom stand and adapter. I do have a backup mic from a slightly older receiver so perhaps I should try a calibration with that one.
Thanks to all for your help. I really appreciate it. The wife, daughter, and nephew just arrived so I'll have to do measurements again soon. I will definitely have to adjust the sub - I just wonder why my AVR says it's at 75db when I run the Audyssey calibration. Next time I'll double check with my RS SPL meter. Thanks again.
OK, I followed Brian's advice above and reran the three measurements. Here is what I got this time using Soundflower 64ch as the input: Red = center channel Green = sub Blue = center + sub Not sure if this one looks better or not?
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